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   Chapter 262 humiliation (Part Two)

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Then, he called Ethan.

"Boss, what are you doing?" Ethan asked lazily.

"Bar, the same place." With these words, Howard ended the call.

Ethan looked at his phone. It was already 9:30 in the evening.

"He must be crazy again." Said Ethan.

"They are crazy!" After taking a bath, Max sat on the edge of the bed, with her hair rolling up.

"It's really hard to deal with this matter, Cassie. Why did I want to bring Cassie home" He blamed himself.

"All right. Don't blame yourself. You didn't find Nana in the first place, did you? I don't know whether she is alive or not. If we had known that she is still alive, we would not have brought Cassie home. There is no regret medicine in the world. Let's play it by ear! "

After thinking for a while, Ethan said, "honey, do you think that Nina doesn't love Howard anymore?"

Max shook her head, and then sighed, "who knows! But Nina was not a fickle girl! I feel there is something we don't know. Or it is about Allen. The old fossil always doesn't accept Nina. Maybe it's possible that Nina gets tired of the relationship! "

"But Allen is at such an old age. It seems that he doesn't care much about Howard now!" Ethan seldom saw Allen from the Hua group. In his heart, Allen didn't care about Howard any more.

"Don't underestimate Allen. He is an old fox. Although he doesn't have much power, he knows everything happening in front of him. Do you know how many people in Hua group are his spies?" Max asked with a sneer.

"So let's just let Howard marry Cassie?" Ethan was not reconciled at all.

"We have to make a long-term plan about it. I'll talk to Allen later. I th

ad been coaxed into the Hua family by Howard. He knew that Tessa wouldn't leave Nina.

It's true!

"That's because Wesley made a mistake. He let her go," Howard answered after thinking for a while.

"Stop it, Boss. Tessa is not an ordinary girl. I think we should give it further thought. We should be patient. Hurry makes waste!"

"Ethan, do you want to make me anxious only when Nina marry Jack ?" Howard growled.

Ethan was shocked, "boss, don't slander Nina. Is she really going to marry a foreigner?"

"Why should I lie to you?" Howard took a deep puff on his cigarette.

It seemed that Nina was going to marry Jack.

"Perhaps he's already married," said Ethan, squinting At this time, it occurred to Ethan that Nina and Jack had got their marriage certificate in England.

"What do you mean?" Now it was Howard's turn to be shocked.

"No, I'm not What do you mean? I agree with you fighting for the custody of Tessa. However, don't hurt Nina, right? " He really didn't want to see Howard turn against Nina.

If so, he and Max would be stuck between Nina and Howard?

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