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   Chapter 259 go home for dinner

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Her hair was smooth and it was not easy to bent it. Melissa had to mess it up. If she had high-heeled shoes that was suitable for Melissa, she would surely walk in high heels.

"Melissa, you're ugly. You're so ugly!" Wesley cupped Melissa's face and said.

"Melissa is not ugly, Melissa is beautiful. She is prettier than the little girl Amy!" Melissa shouted in a determined voice.

"Melissa, I didn't know that you are jealous of Amy." Wesley laughed proudly.

"No, I didn't. Melissa likes to be more beautiful!"

"But you look much uglier than before," Wesley said seriously.

"Wesley, how does Melissa become beautiful? what kinds of Melissa do you like? Melissa pouted and almost cried.

"Go and wash your face. Wesley may have fallen in love with you," Wesley said with a smile.

"Really?" Melissa asked seriously.


Melissa joyfully grinned, "well, I'll wash it now." Melissa turned around and ran to the bathroom. She stopped after a few steps. She turned around and saw Wesley smile proudly.

Why does Wesley seem happy?

But Melissa had no idea that Wesley was so proud that she obeyed him whatever he wanted her to do.

Wesley immediately hid the smugness on his face when Melissa came back.

"Melissa, are you going to disobey me?"

Melissa shook her head. "Wesley, Melissa's hair is so clingy. I can't wash it myself. Can I call the servant?"

"Melissa, you are such a fool. Let me wash it for you, okay?" Wesley pulled Melissa's hand impatiently and thought, 'you are a big girl, but you can't do such a trifle.'.

"Okay. Wesley, help Melissa to whitewash her." Melissa clapped her hands with excitement.

Wesley went to the bathroom with Melissa.

Downstairs, Howard received a call from Andrea.

Howard frowned and asked casually: "Mom, what's the matter?"

"Howard, have you met Nina lately? How are you two doing now? " Andrea asked worriedly.

It was supposed to be a happy thing for Nina to come back, but now because of the existence of Cassie, the love between Howard and Nina changed.

She was not a stubborn person, but she just didn't like Cassie.

"Nothing special." replied Howard with a frown

"Are you going to waste time like this?" Said Andrea anxiously.

"I don't want to waste time, but Nina..." Howard paused.

"What's wrong with Nina?" Andrea was afraid that something bad would happen to Nina, so she got nervous immediately.

It was impossible to say that Nina didn't want to come back at all.

He could only say, "let's see."

"What do you mean by that? By the way, when I saw Nina's father Gavin come to our house today, your father and I weren't at home. It seems that your grandfather adopted him. I don't know what your grandfather said to him. did Gavin want you to marry Nina? Or... " In fact, she guessed that it might have something to do with Cassie, but she didn't like her, so she didn't talk about it.

Being stunn

Was it an invitation or something?

Nina's heart seemed to jump out of her chest. Her voice was trembling, and she carefully slid the answer button. "Dad..."

"Okay. Let's have dinner together tonight." Said Gavin smilingly.

"Is there anything wrong?" It was a habit that her palms began to sweat again when she was nervous.

Yes, she was afraid that her father would say, "Nina, I talked to Allen. He had agreed on the marriage of Howard and Cassie."

Nina told herself that she should be calm when she heard this, because it would come sooner or later and she couldn't avoid it.

She should learn to be generous, shouldn't she?

She should learn to let go what she couldn't get.

"Nana, would you like to go home for dinner today?" Gavin said.

"Just that?" Nina asked again.

"Well, don't forget to carry Tessa. Your mom misses Tessa." Gavin said to Nina.

"Okay." Nina had mixed feelings, happy or sad.

After ending the call, Nina was in a daze for a while.

"Mommy -" Tessa read books for a while. When she saw her mommy was staring outside blankly, she shouted.

"Yes, Tessa." Nina finally came to himself.

"Mommy, it's grandpa. What did he say to you?" Although Tessa's mind was on the cartoon book, she also got her ears busy.

Nina smiled, "Tessa, your grandpa wants us to go home and have dinner!"

"That's great! Tessa misses her grandmother too! But... " Tessa stared at Nina.

"What's wrong?" Nina looked down at her clothes and found everything was normal.

"Mommy, what did you just call me?"

"Tessa baby...." As soon as she called out her name, she knew she shouldn't call her Tessa baby. When she was in Britain, everyone called her Tessa. Since she came to China, Nina had learned from Howard how to call her Tessa baby.

Nina shrugged, "I'm sorry, honey. Mommy was just not careful."

"Mom, it's no big deal. I like it when Tessa call me baby. Being your baby will be the best, won't it?"

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