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   Chapter 258 Melissa's jealousy

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Meanwhile, Howard was sitting on the sofa in frustration.

he was so depressed.

What confused him was that Nina had disappeared for five years and she even hid from him after she came back. Now she said she had nothing to do with him, as if they had never had any past.

What a cold and cruel woman.

Didn't she love him anymore?

Wesley walked over and sat next to Howard.


"What?" It was a surprise to him that Wesley had never gotten close to him on purpose. What was wrong with him today?

"Well, Cassie..." Wesley opened and shut his mouth, unspeaking.

"What's wrong?" Howard reached out to touch Wesley's forehead. He looked sad, but his forehead was cool. He didn't seem to have a cold.

"Wesley, are you blaming yourself? In fact, daddy doesn't blame you. Besides, your mommy will recover soon. You don't have to blame yourself. " He thought Wesley was blaming himself.

"No. father, what kind of person is Nina?" Wesley lowered his head and asked. He didn't dare to look into Howard's eyes, because he used to be very resistant to Nina. Now that he asked, he felt a little embarrassed.

Hearing Wesley's words, Howard frowned and rubbed his eyebrows worriedly. "Wesley, Nina is your mother. Whether we can be together or not, she is always your mother. How can you call her by her name directly?"

Ignoring his question, Wesley asked, "will you be with her?"

Hearing that, Howard smiled bitterly. He wanted to be with her, but now that Nina didn't love him anymore, he should figure out a solution.

It was not easy for him to give up their relationship.

"Yes, I will." Rubbing Wesley's head, he asked, "will you be unhappy if I and Nina are together?"

Wesley shook his head and answered, "Dad, I just lost my phone. It's weird. I came back."

Hearing that, Howard smiled and said, "it's a good thing. Why is it strange?"

"Dad, Cassie Will my mommy drink? " Wesley asked cautiously.

"I think she will. She just doesn't drink a lot. Is there a problem with that?" All of a sudden, a light bulb went off in his head. In a huff, he asked, "Wesley, did you break the glass of wine that night? And your mom got hurt because of you?"

"Dad, what if I say your mommy broke it herself?" Wesley didn't know how Cassie had been hurt, but when the glass fell on the floor, he was far away from her.

With astonishment, Howard asked, "and then?"

"I didn't know what happened. Mommy was hurt." Wesley said.

Hearing his words, Howard thought for a while and thought that Cassie would not hurt herself, so he said, "it's all right. Go and play with Melissa."

At this moment, Cassie walked out of the kitchen and said, "come on, Wesley. Have some desserts."

She sensed that Wesley was a little distant from her, so she decided to win his heart as soon as possi


"Melissa, let's go!" Wesley left, holding Melissa's ear.

A clear laugh came from behind him.

Wesley heard her laughter. It sounded like she was laughing at him.

"Melissa, you listen carefully. You are not allowed to say that you are my wife in front of others. Do you understand?"

"But why?" Melissa felt hurt in her ear. She stared at her watery big eyes and looked at him with grievance.

"Because those words make me shy. You have to say these words when we are staying together... "

"But what should she do because she was angry when seeing Wesley and Amy talking?" Melissa pouted and looked very angry.

"That Amy is very beautiful. I like to talk with beautiful girls. It's none of your business." Wesley snorted.

"How about Melissa? Melissa is a beauty, isn't she? Isn't Melissa pretty? " It turned out that in Wesley's eyes, Melissa wasn't a pretty girl?

At least she is not as pretty as the Amy!

"You're not a pretty girl at all. Look at your small mouth, yellow hair and your bad temper. Can't I talk to a pretty girl? If you keep being so childish, I will not accept you as my wife! " Wesley whispered in Melissa's ear.

Melissa almost cried. Fortunately, the gym teacher had prepared the Chinese medicine and took her away.

It was not until Howard and Nina were locked in the CEO's office that Tessa began to quarrel with Howard. Then Wesley and Melissa went upstairs.

Melissa had been hiding in her room since she came back.

Wesley stayed downstairs and talked with Howard for a while.

Little did Wesley know that Melissa took advantage of his absence and made her a wired woman.

Melissa had her own reason, because Amy's skin was white, her hair was curled and she was taller? It was easy. Melissa could do it!

So, she went to Cassie's dressing room, opened her cosmetic, and put all kinds of make-up on her face.

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