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   Chapter 255 goddamn kind

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As for Cassie, she was also busy. After Howard, Melissa and Wesley went to gym, she made a phone call to Gavin.

Because Cassie couldn't speak clearly, Gavin didn't tell who she is.

"Who are you?" He asked in confusion.

"I'm your daughter. Can't you tell?" Cassie said in a voice dripping with sarcasm.

Gavin knew he had two daughters. One was Nina, the other was Cassie. But now her voice sounded different?

"You don't have to be surprised. I was hit by your granddaughter, Tessa. That's the only way I could say." Cassie sneered with contempt.

"Oh, so you are Cassie? What do you want from me?" Gavin got a little nervous when he knew that it was Cassie.

"Ha ha, I have never seen anyone who asked me to call him father in my more than twenty years of life. Now that he's suddenly here, don't you feel that you have something to say to me? How dare you ask me what's the matter? " Cassie's eyes were still filled with hatred.

After taking a look at Sophia who was busy in the kitchen, Gavin asked in a low voice, "Cassie, where are you?"

"Of course I'm at home. Otherwise, where do you think I am?" Cassie said proudly.

"Which home? With your mother or with Mr. Howard?" Knowing that he was sorry for his daughter, Gavin always attempted to behave humbly. In fact, he was always in a dilemma no matter in front of Nina or Cassie, because he was always in debt.

"TSK, TSK, of course it's Howard's home. If you wouldn't have been like your daughter, Nina, and wishes Howard would have kicked me out of the house earlier and take the place of me, wouldn't she?" Cassie lit a cigarette and took a puff, but without a tooth, she choked the cigarette in her mouth and coughed.

"What are you talking about? Your sister is not that bad. She loves you very much. She would be very upset if you wronged her! " People who knew their daughter well knew their father. Nina was a kind girl who tried to stay away from the rest of the world.

kind? What a beautiful word! But in the eyes of Max, she was just too kind to understand it.

When she studied in the University, she wanted to help a poor student whatever who was also her classmate or schoolmates. However, every time Nina went to the supermarket with Max, she would give the beggar money.

Max has told her more than once that these beggars are all liars. Could Nina please just forget it?

With a miserable smile on her face, Nina said, "what if he isn't a liar?"

Max was so angry that she rolled her eyes. She poked Nina on her forehead and said, "I really can't understand. You are being so kind for no reason!"

Finally, one day, when Nina and Max went to the supermarket together, they saw that the beggar, whom Nina often gave them money, changed into ragged clothes and a brand-new suit. In a moment, he changed into a completely different person, and then Max's anger exploded.

"Shit! What did I say? Nana? Did you see that? That beggar is a liar! Now you know..." Max dragged Nina, intending to go and argue with the beggar.

"Max, the money can't return. Are you going to fight with beggar in the public?" Pulling Max's hand, they walked in the opposite direction.

So, Max could only wa

Cassie said, "since you owe me, please try to make it up to me."

"What is it?" Said Gavin.

"After all, I'm your daughter. You should pay more attention to my marriage with Howard. Or, you can talk to Allen and ask Howard to marry me as soon as possible. If he succeeds, I can let go of everything that has happened in the past; if not, there will be no such a person as Cassie in the world; if you think that you are more serene and relieved after I die, you will have a better and peaceful life. You don't have to go to find Mr. Allen. That's it! " After saying that, Cassie left with Lv.

"Cassie, don't worry. I will do my best." Gavin shouted at Cassie's back.

Then, she left without turning her head around.

After sitting there for a while, Gavin got up and called Nina.

Nina was sitting in her seat, distracted. She felt grieved when she saw Howard's sad back, but it was the reality and she couldn't go back.

"Father." When she saw the caller ID of Gavin, Nina answered it happily.

"Nana, I have something to tell you. Can you come out?" When Gavin talked to Nina, he was obviously not confident. Both his hands and the back of his hands were flesh and blood, but now he felt that he was more in favor of Cassie.

"Okay, Dad. I'll go home right now." Well, she gave Tessa to Jack.

"I am not at home, but in Jessica cafe." Gavin said with embarrassment.

"What? oh I'll go there right away. " Nina was confused. According to her understanding of her father, he only liked drinking tea. Why did he like drinking coffee now?

No wonder. After all, they hadn't seen each other for five years and people's habits would change.

"Tessa, stay with Jack here. I'm going out." Nina stood up.

"Where is Mommy going?" Tessa was still scared of what happened just now. Now mommy was going out again. What if she was bullied by that bad guy Howard again?

Nina smiled noncommittally. "Mommy just went to meet a guest, and I won't see Howard. Don't worry."

Tessa nodded, "Mommy, you must be careful!"

Nina shrugged with joy. Even if she lost the whole world, she was happy with Tessa around!

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