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   Chapter 253 the reflexive reaction

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"Wesley, say sorry to Dad," Cassie said in a muffled voice.

"I don't want to say that." Wesley lowered his head to eat.

Melissa looked at Howard and then at Wesley. It was a battle she had really never seen before.

"Uncle, don't be angry." Melissa was good at gauging people's mind.

For the sake of Melissa, I don't argue with you, you know? "

"Melissa? Oh, does Melissa have prestige too? I don't think she is as important as Tessa. " Wesley retorted sourly.

"Stop it, Howard. Wesley is still young," Cassie gave Wesley clip vegetables

"Don't mind him. I cooked the dishes for you. Just eat your own." With a sullen face, Howard put the food in Wesley's bowl into Cassie's.

"Wesley, let me help you," When Melissa saw Wesley's long face, she was unhappy too. She clumsily picked up food for Wesley.

"Don't be silly. I can do it myself." Wesley said.

"Cassie, Wesley is not just like a three-year-old boy, and he is so arrogant now. Don't spoil him no matter what he does in the future, okay?" Howard frowned and scolded her in a low voice.

Hearing Howard's words, Cassie nodded her head repeatedly. Since Howard hadn't agreed to let her leave, it meant that he didn't want to take Nina back.

Wesley chewed the food, silent. However, dad was still a little worried. He had never been so harsh to himself before. Was it because of the returning of Tessa?

Why did he feel like that his dad was going to be taken away by Tessa!

"Uncle, I want to go to kindergarten, okay?" Melissa suddenly spoke in a childish voice.

"No way!" Wesley snapped before Howard could answer.

"But I want to go there. There are a lot of kids in the kindergarten, and I can play with them. I don't want to pester Wesley any more. Doesn't he like it?" Retreat for the sake of advancing was her aspiration at this time.

In fact, Wesley was constantly giving orders and threatening to Melissa. 'if I were in kindergarten, wouldn't he be so mean to me?' she thought?

Would he be better to her!

Melissa didn't expect that Wesley wouldn't let her go to the kindergarten.

"Why don't Wesley let Melissa to go to the kindergarten?" Melissa tilted her head out of anger.

"Melissa, you little fool. I've told you that they won't accept you in kindergarten." Wesley snorted.

Melissa pursed her lips and murmured, "you're a bad guy, Wesley. I'm not ugly."

"We'll go to the kindergarten later, Melissa. Wesley, let's go to the gym together, okay?" Cassie said in a muffled voice.

Melissa nodded reluctantly.

Howard raised his wrist and looked at his watch. It was time for Nina to go to the company.

He put down the chopsticks and drank some milk.

"Time for going to gym, you two." Howard stood up.

"Howard, I'm afraid I can't accompany Me

as Howard led Wesley and Melissa out of the car.

"Jack, go out and talk to them. Try not to let Howard come upstairs." Nina didn't want to see Howard, but she knew that he was looking for her today, not companying with Melissa and Wesley.

"Jack, if Wesley dares to bully you, just tell me." Tessa said firmly.

"Of course! I know Tessa is the best baby in the world!" Then, he tidied up his suit and walked out of his office.

After asking the fitness coach to take care of Melissa and Wesley, Howard went upstairs directly.

"Mr. Howard, please wait." Jack went downstairs.

"Hi, Jack. I want to talk to Nina." Howard came straight to the point.

"I know, but she doesn't want to see you now." He didn't even try to hide it from Nina.

"It's her own business that she doesn't want to see me, not you! Do you understand?" Meanwhile, Howard walked around Jack and went upstairs.

"Mr. Howard, how could you be so impolite? No wonder Tessa doesn't like you." Knowing that it was not the right time for Nina to speak, Jack turned around to chase after him.

"I don't want to talk nonsense with you. Both Nina and Tessa are my family. I hope you won't interfere in our affairs." Then Howard went upstairs directly.

He came to Nina's office and kicked the door open. "Nina, I want you to give me an explanation. Why did you treat me so cruelly yesterday? Was it you who instigated Tessa to beat me? As a woman, don't you think that it's too much?" Roared Howard, while rushing to Nina.

Tessa rushed to Nina and protected her.

"Howard, don't bully my mommy."

"Very well. My daughter called me by my full name. You must be very proud of that, right?" Howard said darkly.

"Mr. Howard, I have nothing to say to you now. I hope you can leave now. I don't want to see you!" With hands on her shoulders, Nina lowered her head.

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