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   Chapter 252 Wesley's phone

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Then Cassie sneaked out of Wesley's room, and happened to see Howard coming out of the bathroom.

He just gave a simple wash.

"Cassie, why are you still awake?" Howard asked.

"I can't fall asleep. I come here to see the kids." Cassie said nervously. Fortunately, her face was swollen, so Howard couldn't see Cassie's expression.

If not, Howard had already sensed the abnormality of Cassie.

But now, he felt a little sorry for Cassie's swollen face.

"Does it hurt?" Howard asked.

Cassie nodded, but then said, "don't blame yourself, Howard. It's not that hurt."

Being silent for a while, Howard answered, "let's go back to our room. I'll accompany you tonight."

Standing still, Cassie felt very excited.

What did he mean? Would he accompany her?

It was the first time from she was in the Hua family.

Did it mean that Howard didn't dislike her.

Although she was very beautiful in her heart, she couldn't express it with words.

Cassie mumbled, "Howard, you are tired today. You don't have to accompany me."

To be honest, Howard most hated womanly fussy girls, so he liked to talk with both Nina and Max. It was easier to talk with them.

But he couldn't lose his temper in the face of badly injured Cassie. If it weren't for Cassie's injury, he would have turned around and left.

Without saying anything, Howard bent over, held Cassie in his arms and went back to his room.

He put Cassie on the bed and said, "you have wounds all over your body, so you can't take a shower now. Go to bed early."

"Aren't you going to sleep?" Hearing Howard's words, Cassie really hoped that he could hold her into his arms. She missed his strong chest very much.

"I'll read a book. You go to sleep first." He walked to the bookshelf and brushed through them with his slender fingers.

A little disappointed, Cassie deliberately stretched out her arm and cried, "Ouch!".

She pretended to be very painful.

Howard had just taken a book from the bookshelf. He raised his head and saw Cassie stretching her arms clumsily.

Howard put down the book again and asked unhappily, "do you need my help?"

Cassie smiled sheepishly.

It seemed that Howard hadn't taken good look of her!

After Cassie sat down, Howard walked up to her and calmly took off her clothes, even her underwear.

While Cassie's breathing became unstable, Howard was extremely calm, as if he was facing a puppet.

Which made her a little disappointed.

Does he always think that I'm not a woman?

Therefore, she pretended to lean over his shoulder.

"What's wrong with you?" He held up Cassie subconsciously and asked concernedly.

"No." Cassie said vaguely.

Howard took Cassie's pajamas and put them on, "women don't need to wear too much clothes when they are sleeping. It is not good for their health. Therefore, Nina never wears any clothes..."

Howard paused, and the scene that Nin

mething funny. Let me hear."

"My phone..." Wesley opened and shut his mouth, unspeaking.

"Wesley, what's wrong with your phone? Do you need a new one? " Of course, Cassie pretended that she knew nothing about it.

After a short pause, Wesley answered, "no need."

Touching Wesley's head lovingly, Cassie said, "well, if there's something, you must tell mommy. Wesley, you know that you are the one mommy loves most in the world."

Tears welled up in her eyes.

Wesley was silent for a while. Then he said, "Mom Mommy, your teeth? "

"Oh, nothing important, Wesley. It's just that Tessa accidentally bumped into my teeth. Don't worry. I'll change a new tooth later. others won't be able to tell." Although she was smiling, her eyes were filled with sadness.

"Tessa again?" Wesley stressed.

"Don't blame Tessa. She was just not careful enough!" Said Cassie.

"What are you talking about?" Then Howard came in with chicken soup in his hands.

"we talk about that Tessa..." Wesley said angrily.

"Wesley, she's your sister. How can you say that?" Rebuked Howard.

Wesley turned his head and snorted coldly.

"What's wrong with you?" Hearing that, Tessa beat and kicked him in the face angrily. He owed it to Tessa. Now Wesley totally ignored him. What a failure to be a father!

He felt very aggrieved! In the market place, there is no problem that Howard is uneven, but how can he still uneven his two children?

"Don't be angry with him. He's still young," Cassie protects Wesley.

But the truth was, Howard was not going to punch Wesley. He didn't want to punch him at all.

However, what she did made Wesley feel that his dad was about to hit him. He raised his head and roared, "Dad, did you dislike me because of that mischievous lady Tessa?"

"What nonsense are you talking about?" where does Howard have Tessa? Tessa's big eyes were full of hatred. she didn't even greet his father with a smile!

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