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   Chapter 250 she shouldn't have come back

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When Nina and Max finally took the elevator downstairs to the emergency room, what they saw was that Tessa stood at the side of Cassie and Howard, at a loss.

On the other hand, Howard was holding Cassie in his arms, without paying any attention to Tessa at all.

Nina gritted her lips sadly. She thought, 'Howard said he had same feeling about me as the past, but now it seems that he loves Cassie more.'.

However, Howard shouldn't have lied to Nina with the so-called words that he wanted to get back together with Nina. She hadn't thought about continuing the past with Howard since she came back. Why should he!

Max was really angry when she saw the couple was showing off love. She rushed towards him and slapped Howard on his face.

The sound of the slap astonished everyone in the emergency room.

"Max!" Frowning, Howard asked, "what are you doing?"

Max snorted. She wasn't afraid of the furious voice of Howard and said, "Mr. Howard, you're a smart man. I slapped you, but now you ask me what I want to do? I hit you. You didn't feel any pain. It seems that I didn't use enough strength! "

Said Max, waving her hand again.

"Haven't you finished yet?" Howard became angry. He held Cassie with one hand, and grasped the hand of Max with the other. "Max, today I'm going to teach you a lesson on behalf of Ethan, so that you will know what a good woman is!"

As soon as he finished saying that, with a sound of "crack", Max's arm was dislocated.

Suddenly, Max did not dare to move.

"Howard, you bastard. How dare you beat me for Cassie!" Max swore angrily

"Max, let me tell you. There is nothing about Cassie. Why do you mention her?" Howard snorted and put Cassie on the bed.

"Young master, I'm sorry. I got you into this. You'd better leave me alone. Don't get angry with her. She is a good person. "

Max also didn't expect that Cassie would still speak for her at this time. In front of so many people, it was totally unreasonable for her to make trouble out of nothing.

Hearing this, Max blushed with embarrassment.

"She is a good people, but not a good woman!" Howard satirized.

If he was not angry, he wouldn't have made such a comment.

Max was even more angry. She had not expected that Howard would go so far as to slander her. she ground her teeth bitterly and said, "no, Tessa is right. You are a bad ass!"

"Well, I've never said that I'm a good people. Now is also." Howard raised his eyebrows with disdain and sneered.

Seeing that Max was hurt, Nina walked into the room with anger, "that's enough, Max. Let's go!"

Howard had been very busy these days? In addition, he had to deal with Tessa, Max, and take care of Cassie, who had lost her teeth

He didn't see Nina.

"Well, Nina, what did you teach Tessa about that? Did you teach her to punch and kick her dad when she sa

ina still didn't speak. Yes, she didn't know how to answer the question.

Tessa's age couldn't understand what adults were thinking about.

"Mommy, why don't you answer me?" Tessa was impatient. she shook Nina's arm with her little hand.

"Tessa, you don't like Howard, do you? Besides, you don't like Wesley, do you? If so, why should we still be together? " Nina said slowly. She couldn't tell Tessa that the whole family of four was happily together in her dreams. She had dreamed for many times.

Tessa lowered her head. She rubbed her hands together, showing her struggle in her heart.

She wanted to have a complete family, but not because she didn't like Howard and Wesley, but because they didn't like her at all!

"Mommy, is it that Tessa is very unlovable?" she was so narcissistic that she pinched her own face and looked at Nina with watery eyes.

She was too narcissistic to think that no woman in the world was as beautiful and lovely as Tessa. But why didn't Jonny and Wesley like such a cute girl!

"Because they are bad guys, so they don't like Tessa?" Tessa thought about it. It seemed that this was the only reason she could think of.

Nina bowed her head and kissed Tessa's face, "no, it's not like that."

Nina regretted telling Tessa so many negative things about Howard. In fact, she was afraid that Howard would take Tessa away, but she didn't expect that if they really resisted each other, she would be more worried.

"Mommy, then why? Tell Tessa! " Tessa continued to ask.

"Tessa, don't ask any more. You just need to know that mommy loves you most and cares about you most. Do you understand?" Then, she pinched Tessa's little face and asked, "do you also love Mommy most, right?"

"Yes, but..." Tessa had many questions to ask Mommy!

"Babe, we're home. Be a good girl, let's go home," said Nina in a rush

"okay," Tessa said reluctantly.

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