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   Chapter 248 Cassie's fear (Part Two)

Speak Softly Love By Lou Yu Characters: 7609

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Wesley returned to his bedroom sulkily. It was weird. His phone was in his pocket. Why was it suddenly missing?

Howard had sent Cassie to the hospital.

In the Hua family, if Wesley didn't like her, she would lose her position. Cassie was forced to think of self-harm

Not to mention being the lady of the Hua family.

Cassie was very clear that Nina was the most important person in Howard's heart, and there was no comparison between Nina and her.

I won't lose unless I die! 'thought her!

The cuts on Cassie's face weren't deep. Of course, the bleeding would make her face pale.

Nina, Max and Tessa were all in the hospital. Although Nina didn't want Howard to leave Cassie, she didn't want to disturb the Hua family.

When Howard dashed into the emergency room with Cassie in his arms, Nina and Max happened to be standing in front of the window, and undoubtedly saw them.

"Damn it! Is that Howard? Didn't you go to talk to Cassie? Why are you taking her to the hospital? she looks so... " Seeing the blood dropping from Cassie's wrist, Max asked, "does Cassie disagree with this? Does she want to commit a suicide?"

Max was very happy when she heard that Howard would go to explain to Cassie. She hoped that Cassie was reasonable and would leave.

She hoped that the love between Howard and Nana, could be realized, and that was her wish.

Nina had seen what happened. She grabbed her clothes in front of her chest in a hurry. "Shit! Howard, what did I say just now? I was afraid that such a thing would happen, but it happened anyway."

Nina couldn't help blaming herself. In her eyes, she had an inescapable responsibility for what happened to Cassie.

It must be because of Howard saying that he didn't love Cassie and wanted to break the engagement. Therefore, Cassie cut her wrist and killed herself.

"Silly Nana, it's none of your business. Let's go to have a look." Max picked up Nina.

"If you want to go, you go by yourself. I don't want to go!" Nina grabbed the window. She really didn't want to see Howard and Cassie now.

"My silly girl, Howard loves you instead of Cassie. Why are you so stubborn? Even if not for yourself, please think about your child, okay?" Max firmly pulled Nina's hand down, Max just did not understand

door stunned for a while. Then she smiled. It seemed that there were other reasons for Cassie's injury. She and Max thought too much.

However, when Nina heard the word "couple", she felt a little depressed.

There had been a real time as a real couple between her and Howard.

However, the past was the past.

Max wanted to rush in, but Nina stopped her.

"Max, let's go." Said Nina in a low voice.

Max raised her eyebrows and looked at Howard, who was in the emergency room. She was a little confused, wondering if Howard really fell in love with Cassie?

If not, why does he care about Cassie so much?

And when Cassie mentioned the word "couple", Howard didn't refuse?

Damn it! Didn't Howard say that he would explain everything to Cassie? But now it looked like they were showing off love.

At this moment, Nina felt like a mistress who destroyed other people's marriage.

The feeling was so fucking disappointing!

Max was shocked.

However, just at this time, something incredible happened to them. When Cassie stood up, her legs were somehow weak and she almost fell. Howard, who had been standing next to her, reached out to hold Cassie in his arms. Meanwhile, for some reason, Cassie's lips kissed Howard's.

Howard pushed her away. Embarrassed, she said shyly, "Howard, I love you!"

Then Nina lowered her head, turned around and left.

It was a corridor of dozens of meters, but she felt it so long.

The kind-hearted Nina did not know that all this was Cassie's doing.

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