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   Chapter 247 Cassie's fear (Part One)

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Cassie could hardly believe her eyes when she saw the news of her marriage with Howard.

Oh, she finally got over it. She could finally surpass Nina. She didn't have to feel inferior because of her identity as the illegitimate daughter anymore.

All these were because she was going to be the lady of the Hua family.

Allen really had a good eye for ladies, and she was lucky to marry Howard.

Cassie couldn't help telling this good news to Spark at once. It was the first time that she had drunk some red wine. She didn't dare to drink it in the past. Whenever she saw that Howard, Max and Ethan drank red wine, the elegant and noble look on their faces made her yearn for and feel inferior.

She always looked up to the kind of nobleness, struggling to climb, hoping to reach the height of their hearts one day.

This was the fact that Cassie had been distorted mentally in her childhood.

When she was cursed as a bastard, her self abasement spread all over her body, like a poison.

She tried to get rid of it, but she didn't make it.

Just when she thought she would live a careless life, the appearance of Howard had completely changed her fate. She began to dream to become a person like Max.

But the appearance of Nina made her dream almost give up. She was afraid that she had dreamed a long time and that dream went back to the Shabby Cottage, the dark lobby

Where her nightmares began

Fortunately, the news of their marriage gave her hope again. As long as she became the lady of the Hua family, then everything was unfair. From then on, she was only the lady of the Hua family, no longer a poor illegitimate daughter.

Taking a sip of wine, Cassie asked, "oh my God! What does it taste? Why it's not as good as I thought?"

Cassie took another sip. She coughed and felt that it tasted better now. She took another sip and felt better.

Then, she took a gulp of wine and said, "not bad. The wine tastes really good."

"Hello, is that Spark? I have a good news for you. I'm going to be the lady of the Hua family soon. From now on, we will have endless wealth. I'll buy you BMW, Mercedes, oh, and Lamborghini. No matter how many cars you

oice and pretentious smile.

"Wesley, I was just kidding with my friend If you don't save me, I'll die! " Cassie gasped to gain Wesley's sympathy.

She had succeeded again, because Wesley's eyes were filled with tears.

The next second, he squatted down and offered, "Mommy, let me take you to the hospital."

Then, Howard went upstairs.

He saw Cassie lying on the ground and Wesley bending over.

Howard was shocked by what he saw even though he had no feelings for Cassie.

He rushed over to Wesley and asked, "Wesley, what happened?"

Wesley pressed his lips. In fact, he didn't know what had happened just now.

He just wanted to leave because he didn't want to see Mommy rotating. However, as soon as he turned around, he heard the sound of goblets falling. Turning around, he saw that Cassie had fallen on the ground with her wrist bleeding.

"Dad..." Wesley swallowed back the words on the tip of his tongue. He didn't know how to explain to his dad what he had just seen.

With displeasure, Howard asked, "why didn't you call me She bled so much. "

Cassie gave him a feeble smile and said, "don't blame Wesley. It was an accident." Then she lowered her head and passed out.

Howard took off his tie and put it on Cassie's wrist. Then he picked up Cassie and went downstairs.

Wesley reached out to reach for the phone in his pocket, only to find that it had disappeared.

He looked around, but failed to find it.

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