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   Chapter 246 package (Part Two)

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"Much better." Tessa said seriously, "Auntie, can I ask you a question?"

"Sure." Max said as she rubbed Tessa's face.

"Why would Howard marry my mommy?"

"Because he loves your mommy." "When you grow older, you'll understand."

"But mom says Howard is a bad guy and I don't like Howard. I want Jack to be dad." Yes, Tessa came to China to find dad, He had been engaged to another woman, and even married to another woman. Why would she come here?

Mom was right. Howard was a bad guy!

"Tessa, let me tell you something. There are things that you don't understand. Where is your mommy and Howard? They love each other very much, but why they aren't together? Why?" Max grinned. Who the hell knew why these two people had so many disagreements? They finally met again now, but there was a woman named Cassie between them.

"But why?" Tessa continued to ask.

Max cried out, "it's all because of Cassie, it's all because of Mr. Allen, and it's also because..." Max said in a distressed tone, "generally speaking, if Howard could really solve everything, it was all his fault since he was born in a rich family with a stubborn grandfather."

"Which grandpa?" Why haven't I seen him before? '!

"Well, Tessa, I'll introduce you to see him next time we meet, but remember, that old man is very unreasonable!" In fact, Allen was not only unreasonable, but overbearing and self conceited.

she continued, "but there is such an old man. I'm not afraid of him at all!" Tessa said proudly.

"Baby, Tessa, you must remember that when you see that old grandpa in the future, you must make him like you. If so He will listen to you. "

But Max had always known that Allen disliked Nana. Allen was now the big barrier between


Nina shook her head, "no, Howard."

Without saying anything more, he turned around and left.

"Why do you have to do this?" Nina sighed.

Just then, Nina's cell phone rang. It was Allen.

Nina looked at the flickering phone number on the screen and answered the phone.

She didn't say anything. She had already known what Allen wanted to say.

"Nina, I hope you don't forget our agreement. I don't want to look down upon you anymore!" Allen's tone was contemptuous

Nina's hands began to tremble.

"By the way, Nina, you promised to repay my one million dollars!"

Nina hung up the phone.

"What's wrong, Nina?" Asked Jack, worried.

She took out a card and handed it to Jack, trembling. "Jack, the password of this card is my birthday. You can withdraw 3 million in cash and send it to this place." Nina took Jack's phone and sent the address to him, "remember the address."

"Why did you give him so much money?" Jack looked at the address again and again.

"Because I owe him." Said Nina helplessly.

Nina had owed one million five years ago and now she still repay three million. So Allen didn't lose anything, did he?

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