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   Chapter 244 Whether or not

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"Mr. Allen, you really tried so hard to separate me from Howard! But you don't need to put pressure on me. I'm no longer the little girl I used to be. I'd better advise Mr. Allen not to interfere in Howard's marriage. Don't you think it's a bit out of the line? " Then, Nina stopped.

Allen was so angry that his beard trembled.

In fact, Nina had already read the news about Howard's marriage with Cassie on the newspaper. Although she was mentally prepared, she still felt bitter.

Sitting alone on the sofa, Nina cried in a low voice.

"Mommy..." Tessa was confused.

What happened to Mommy? Mommy seldom cries. She is a strong woman!

Nina didn't answer Tessa.

Tessa picked up the newspaper at her hand. She finally read it, and it was about the news that Howard and Cassie were going to marry.

I thought Mommy didn't like Howard? But why did she feel sad when she heard that Howard was going to marry Cassie?

"Mommy, do you like Howard very much?" Tessa asked.

"How could it be?" said Nina, taking a deep breath

"Then why did Mommy cry?"

"Mommy didn't cry. How could I cry? But... "

"You're just blinded by sand, aren't you?"

"How do you know?" Nina smiled, pretending to be relaxed.

"Because your daughter is a genius!" Tessa thought to herself, 'adults always like to use this lie. I didn't expect my Mommy would also use it. My mommy is really a fool.'.

"Yes, my daughter is a genius." "Um," said Nina and kissed on the face of Tessa.

"But, Mommy." Tessa paused.

Said Nina.

"I just want to say, Mommy, if you like Howard, you can stop him from marrying Cassie, and you can marry him..."

Nina interrupted, "kids shouldn't get involved in the issues between adults, understand?"

Tessa was speechless. Although Mommy kept saying that Howard was a bad guy, it was good to have dad and mom around!

Howard walked towards her and Nina wiped her tears.

"Howard, that woman didn't cry. It was the wind that blew the sand into her eyes." The excuse Tessa made up for Nina actually said the fact.

However, it was not because Tessa was fool. she did it on purpose.

"Really? But why didn't I see any wind? " Howard didn't save Nina's face at all.

"Since you are here, let the wind pass." Tessa said innocently.

He had already seen the newspaper in the hands of Tessa. Apart from that, he also saw the news that he was going to marry Cassie.

"Howard, what food did you buy? Tessa is already hungry." Nina interrupted the conversation between Tessa and Howard immediately.

"There's nothing delicious in the dining hall downstairs. I buy some steamed buns. Tessa, have a taste. If you don't like them, I'll ask my servant to make them for you." Howard put down the food.

"No, thanks, Howard. I like to eat steamed buns." Tessa said immediately.

"That's good. Tessa is the most obedient girl." Touching Tessa's hair.

Tessa found that Howard also seemed unhappy today. His face was cold and indifferent. And his words seemed to be perfunctory.

"Howard, there is sand in my mommy's eyes. Would you please clean it for her?" Tessa thought that although the issues of adults needed to be handled by more people, they should have a good attitude to solve first.

If they really

t they thought.

"I hope so." Said Rain.

"By the way, Rain, what's wrong with that Jack?" "What's the relationship between him and Nina?" Howard asked

"Jack? Huh He just works with Nina and Tessa gets along well with him. Jack is a good man. He is my employee, Nina's friend and Tessa's godfather. "

"That's all?" Howard asked.

"That's all." He answered.

"Then what about the marriage certificate?" Howard asked again.

"Well, I'm not sure. But I know that Jack likes Nina." Said Rain.

"What?" Howard asked unhappily.

"If you treat Nina unfairly. Then I can tell you, Jack is your powerful opponent. He will take Nina away from you at any time! "

"I don't think he will have a chance." Said Howard coolly,.

"Not necessarily!"

Howard snorted and drew back the wire.

Here, the call between Howard and Rain was completely ended.

Howard put away his phone. "Nina, what else do you want to say?"

"What What else can I say? But our marriage is real! " Nina was confused. What would she do if Cassie saw the scene between her and Howard? she would definitely curse her, wouldn't she?

As for Wesley

When Nina thought of this, she felt heavy in her heart.

She felt very depressed as she couldn't find the way to go with Howard.

"Nina, you mean you are really married to Jack? Are you real husband and wife?"

"Yes, our marriage has legal effect." Said Nina in a low voice.

Howard clapped his hands. Then Jack came in.

"Jack, you..."

He shrugged and said, "well, I've told Nina. It's not that I don't love you. It's just that Howard loves you more than I do."

"Damn it! What are you talking about? Haven't we reached an agreement that no one can leak out the secret? Are you a man or not? Why did you concede after being hit twice? And our marriage certificate is real! " Nina yelled at Jack.

"Nina, I'm not afraid of him. I've just listened to the story between you and Mr. Howard. Although I still love you, Howard loves you more than I do."

In great dismay, she said, "you are all smart. I feel like I'm the only fool here."

"You are such a lovely fool." Jack then walked up to Nina and hugged her.

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