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   Chapter 243 she came back unexpectedly

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Howard was dumbfounded. What did Nina mean?

He just couldn't believe what he just heard?

"Nina, are you an idiot?" He pressed Nina under his body and bit her on the neck as if he was taking revenge on her.

"It hurts!" Nina shouted.

"I feel hurts more!" Howard answered with even more strength.

A nurse came in and ran out with a blush at the sight of the scene.

"Howard, someone is coming." Nina tried to push him away with all her strength.

"I just like to let people see, who love to see just see, I and my wife together, who cares." As he spoke, he started to fondle Nina's body.

There were people taking pictures outside, but Howard didn't care.

Until someone knocked at the door.

Howard raised his head.

"You two just can't wait to make love. People come and go, you don't pay attention to your image at all. I saw it, and someone has taken pictures of you. I don't know if I should congratulate you on that!" Max walked in with a mischievous smile.

Max had heard from Melissa that Tessa was sick.

As for how Melissa knew about it, it was Wesley who told her.

While Wesley was paying close attention to Cassie, he unintentionally heard from her mobile phone that someone said, "Tessa has been sent to hospital. How lucky she is! she is still alive!"

Wesley felt strange. Tessa was as strong as a little cow, who could eat, drink and sleep well. How could she get sick!

"Why is Tessa sick? It seems serious. "

The voice of Wesley, was heard by Melissa who was following him,. So, after returning to her room, Melissa made a call to Max secretly.

So Max came to the hospital.

They went to the ward of Tessa. she was sleeping now. Jack told Max that Tessa had no problem but a bug out of her body. Now she was fine.

Then he told Max that Nina had been faint during the blood transfusion. When Max came to her ward, she found a picture with sex.

So she told a joke.

Without any embarrassment, Howard answered, "Congratulations, of course!" Then, he gracefully tidied up his hair and tidied up his clothes.

"Congratulations on what? A broken mirror reunites? The resurgence? " Said Max bluntly.

"Max, there are really two kinds of relationship between Nina and me. The mirror is not broken, and the love is not gray. So, congratulations for our reunion." Howard wrapped his arm around Nina's shoulder.

"Shameless!" Casting a supercilious glance at him, Max said, "how dare you just say it in front of me, Howard. If you say it in public and catch the public's attention, you haven't broken off your engagement with Cassie? We can talk about this after it's cleared. " Max was smart. she was afraid that Nina would suffer more losses. It was not easy for her to come back and be scolded as a mistress. It was a big loss for Nina.

The words above were only to say to

ther's business. What's more, her disappearance made you depressed for five years. " Said Allen.

"Grandfather, you're too old to listen to the old saying. I'm not an emperor, so I'm not afraid of anyone. Why do you keep an eye on Nina? She is not a monster! She is my beloved woman! "

"you were hurt because you loved her deeply. If you didn't love her that much, how could you be so depressed these five years? That's why grandpa didn't like her."

"It's not her fault, Grandpa. It's mine." He really didn't know what his grandfather was thinking.

"In my eyes, my grandson is the best, so the woman who is not good is trying to take control of him."

"Well, Nina doesn't want to control me!" Howard roared.

"What else does she want to do? You have already been controlled by her. " His grandson, who had always been obedient, actually went against him for a woman. In his opinion, Nina shouldn't have come back. If she hadn't come back, he would have lost his miss to her.

But she came back at last.

Howard was so angry that he banged the table, "Grandpa, let me tell you. I won't marry Cassie because I don't love her."

"It's not up to you!"

Without another word, Howard left.

After Howard left, Allen called Nina.

When Nina saw that it was Allen calling, she hesitated for a while. But she still answered the phone.

"Nina, you're so lucky. I've heard that you're back. Let's have dinner together tonight."

After hesitating for a while, she bit her lip, but she couldn't call him grandfather, so she said, "Mr. Allen, I'm sorry. I'm too busy to accept your invitation."

Allen laughed, "Nina, you can stay away from my Howard, but please stay away from him. In fact, I hate you very much. Without you, Howard must have married Bonny or some girl from an eminent family now instead of living in pain for so many years. Don't you think you owe him?"

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