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   Chapter 240 the killers

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Tessa and Wesley stood at the door, while Nina slowly went downstairs with her crutch.

At this time, Cassie was still awake. She leaned against the door and secretly watched all this. Wesley was finally going to send away Nina.

Cassie was so happy!

However, the moment Wesley escorted them to the cab, and the door hadn't been locked, he heard Howard shouting from the villa, "Tessa, Nina!"

"Dad, they've already left," Wesley said calmly as he walked up to him

"Wesley, what are you doing? They are your mommy and your sister. How can you let them go? Are you crazy? "

At this time, Howard finally understood that Tessa was just acting in front of him.

On the one hand, she wanted to have a robot, on the other hand, she wanted to let Howard relax his vigilance.

They made it.

"Dad, I don't want them to stay here just because I'm not a fool. This is my home, but that bad baby girl ruined my toys and tried to take dad from me. I don't like her. She should just leave."

Shaking his head, Howard said, "Wesley, you're too naive. No matter how nice Cassie is to you, she is not your biological mother. No matter how bad Nina is, she is the woman who loves you the most in the world. But you let go of the woman who loves you the most. Wesley, are you not stupid? "

"Dad, that's not the case. The one who loves me most in the world should be Cassie, not Nina." Wesley shouted.

With a look at Wesley, Howard drove away.

He had said that he wouldn't let Nina go again, and with Jack in her home, he wouldn't let her go.

However, no matter how Howard was good at driving, the taxi they took still came earlier. When Howard arrived, they had already returned home.

It was Jack that helped Nina upstairs.

In the taxi, Nina called Jack and told him she would be back soon.

Jack had been waiting downstairs. When he saw Nina limping out of the taxi, he immediately walked up to her and asked, "Nina, what's wrong with you?"

Nina didn't dare to say that she fell from the wall. She just said that she had a sprain.

"How could you be so careless?" Jack helped Nina.

Replied Nina with a smile.

"Tessa, do you miss father *?" (* TN: here father means sworn father) Asked Jack with a smile.

No matter whether Tessa missed him or not, he really missed both Nina and Tessa. Otherwise, if the company sent someone to China this time, they wouldn't let Jack come here.

This time, it was Jack who tried his best.

Rain knew well about what kind of person Jack was. On the one hand, he didn't want Jack to come to China. On the other hand, he wanted Howard to be with Nina. But since Jack recommended himself, he had to agree.

Of course, Rain reminded Jack not to force Nina to do what she didn't like.

The implication was that I can agree to let you go to China. But, don't force Nina to be with you at

lover. If she did, why did she marry him!

"Father *, that man is me..." (* TN: here father means sworn father) "He's the one who makes mommy pregnant."

Jack suddenly understood, "Sir, I see. You are afraid that I will take your daughter away, aren't you?"

"What?" He asked.

"Sir, I'm telling you. Tessa is always your daughter. She is a free individual in life. Although you gave her life, you can't control her life. She has the right to call anyone dad. If she doesn't like you, it's useless for you to force her. If she likes me..."

"Bang!" Jack was punched hard in the face.

"Cut the crap. Do you understand?" Howard growled.

Jack covered his face with his hand and said nothing.

"Tessa, take Jack to his room." Nina ordered.

Tessa also thought that Jack was too stupid. Now that he could not beat Mr. Howard, and he said those words to irritate him. Did he want to embarrass himself?

"Hi, Jack." "Tessa said, holding Jack's hand.

"It's so horrible! Tessa, you can't get close to this man. He's a dangerous man and a polar!" Nagged Jack.

With that, Howard waved his fist and Jack rushed into the bedroom.

"Mr. Howard, what are you doing here?" Asked Nina, rubbing her feet. The room was finally quiet.

"You are my wife. What do you think I come for?" Howard groaned.

"Oh, Howard, my mom doesn't like you. Why do you have to marry her? There are a lot of women in the world, right? " Said Tessa worriedly. These two days, she didn't have a good sleep because of her mother's things. Now that Howard came again, it seemed that this beautiful night would be wasted again.

"But, Nina is my kids' only mother." Said Howard.

"No wonder you are so stupid, Howard. You can also have babies with another woman! You don't have to only look for me. I have Godfather Jack, and I like to be with him very much. You'd better go back. " Tessa said lazily, yawning.

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