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   Chapter 238 stupid pig

Speak Softly Love By Lou Yu Characters: 9603

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It never occurred to Nina that Jack would be hit by Howard.

After Howard left, Jack called Nina sadly and told her about his miserable experience.

Nina apologized.

She repeatedly reminded him to take good care of the children's fitness company, and she didn't want to disappoint Rain.

"Nina, when will you come back?" asked Jack

Glancing at her feet, and then at the locked door, she said, "I'll go back as soon as possible, but I can't give you the date."

Howard never played by the rules. Who knew when he would let her and her daughter go!

After tossing and turning all night, Nina finally fell asleep with her hands holding Tessa.

The next day, Howard came to open the door.

"Are you a pig? Still sleeping?" Howard said with a straight face.

"No, you're wrong, Mr. Howard. If we are pigs, so are you!" Said Tessa, rubbing her bird's nest hair and sitting up.

Tessa had a good impression of Mr. Howard, but it was gone after witnessing Howard's madness yesterday.

"Of course I am a pig, or I can be played around by a woman!" Tessa was taken out of bed by Howard. He said, "Tessa, wash your hands."

"Howard, don't bully my mommy, or else..." Tessa moved her little wrists.

"Don't worry, Dad won't bully your mom. There are enough toiletries in the bathroom. You can use them as you like." Said Howard.

"Mommy, if Howard dares to bully you, you must call me!" Tessa exhorted her worriedly.

"Baby, Mommy will." Said Nina with a smile.

The little figure of Tessa disappeared in front of their eyes quickly.

"Honey, how was your sleep last night?" He gnashed his teeth in anger. In fact, Nina seemed to be sleeping well. It turned out that he was the only one who couldn't fall asleep!

He was too angry to sleep for the whole night.

"I had a good sleep. I have food and drink here. It's delicious. But, Howard, are you going to prison me for the rest of my life? " Said Nina lightly. She was no longer as anxious as yesterday. She had a very good self-adjustment mind, that is, no matter what happened to her or whether she was stuck in it, she would face it calmly.

What's more, she had to face it herself?

"If you're with that other man again, I'd rather imprison you for the rest of my life."

"So you mean you can only be with other women?"

"You don't understand. It's Wesley that doesn't want to leave Cassie, not me."

"I'm not interested in that."

"Nina, what on earth do you want to know? Can we tell you the truth? Yesterday, I heard from Jack that you didn't have sex at all... "

"Howard, are you silly? You can hit Jack. did he need to tell you the truth? "

"You mean, you two..."

"Guess it!"

Nina's words pissed Howard off. He picked her up and said, "go downstairs to have dinner."

"No problem. I don't want to starve to death!" Nina answered calmly, but actually she felt nervo

Howard held Nina up and asked, "it doesn't matter. What do you like to eat? Tessa."

"Mommy said I'm a foodie. I like everything that is edible." Said Tessa.

"Not picky about food is a virtue. You're much better at this than Wesley. " Wesley was always picky about food, and These bad habits were also Cassie's indulgence.

Tessa smiled proudly.

"Honey, Tessa, why is Wesley wet?" He directly looked into Tessa's eyes.

"I don't know which kind of thing you are talking about." Tessa pretended to be innocent.

"Oh, nothing. Let's go downstairs to have dinner." He didn't want to make it public.

When they arrived at the restaurant, others had already been there.

Seeing that Howard hugged Nina, Cassie quickly pulled the dining chair for her, without mentioning the quarrel she had heard last night.

In fact, Cassie also stayed up all night last night.

It was not that they had a row, but that she figured out how to make Howard leave Nina all night. However, she thought that except keeping pretending to be kind, she had no ability to fight with Nina.

Therefore, when she saw Howard holding Nina, she smiled lightly, no matter how jealous she was. And she continued to pretend not to know the real identity of Nina.

"Mrs. Agnes, are you feeling better?"

"I'm sorry, my real name is Nina. I didn't mean to lie to you..." Nina felt helpless at Cassie's kindness

"It's okay. No matter what your name is, we are good friends, aren't we?" Cassie interrupted her

The more generous Cassie was, the more uneasy Nina was.

"Yes." Uh huh.

"Nina, this is the mountain medicine porridge made by the servant. It's the best for women. Have more." Cassie filled a bowl of porridge for Nina.

Then, Cassie put the chicken leg in front of Nina and said, "my mother said that those who are injured should eat more nutritious food."

"Thank you!" Nina began to feel uncomfortable.

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