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   Chapter 237 let them go

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"Why did you bring her to my home?" Wesley didn't care how Tessa cried. He was used to being bossy. Even if he bullied her, so what?

"Wesley, watch your tongue!" "I brought her here, Tessa is your sister!" said Howard angrily, "Melissa is my only sister." Wesley insisted.

Melissa tugged at his arm and said, "Wesley, Tessa is a good girl."

"Shut up!" Wesley snapped.

"Wesley, what did you do to Tessa? Apologize now!" Said Howard.

"It's impossible for me to apologize!" "Let them go," Wesley said stubbornly

Wesley had always been the overbearing and tyrannical man. He raised his fist and struck at Tessa. Tessa was very tangled. Mom was here, and Tessa did not dare to hit back!

Just as Wesley was about to punch Tessa in the face, a big hand raised in his head and slapped him in the face. Instantly, there were five red marks in his face.

"Wesley..." Nina shouted in pain.

"Howard, why did you hit Wesley? I hate you!" It was more painful than to slap Nina on the face.

"The bad woman is all because of you. If you didn't come, Dad would never beat me!" Shouted Wesley hysterically at Nina. He grabbed a pillow and covered Tessa's head with it. "I'll smother her to death because she robbed me of my father."

"Wesley, let her go. I'll take her away." Tears streamed down Nina's cheeks. She held Wesley's waist and rubbed her aching feet.

Howard quickly took Tessa into his arms.

Tessa lied on the shoulder of Howard and cried bitterly.

"Please let us go, Howard." Nina begged.

"No way!" He answered resolutely.

"Okay, but you have to pay for my toys first!" Wesley said angrily.

"Wesley, I'll compensate you for your toy, but you have to return to your room with Melissa. Okay?" It was the first time in his life that Howard had slapped Wesley. Feeling guilty, he softened his voice.

"We'll buy it now." Wesley said stubbornly.

"Okay, Wesley. Listen to me carefully. I can change all your toys. But you can't bully your sister anymore, nor drive her away. Got it?"

Wesley nodded. 'Okay. You want to stay, right? If so, you can stay. Then I could bully this bad girl as much as I want.'

As soon as Howard got the phone out of his pocket, Howard called Bob and asked him to buy some toys for Wesley.

Giving Tessa a black look, Wesley went back to his room with Melissa.

It seemed that it was impossible for Tessa to go to bed again tonight. Howard washed Tessa's face and said sorry to her.

"Howard, why don't you let us go?" Nina said while wiping her tears.

"Nina, do you want to live with Tessa outside for the rest of your life?" He could not rest assured as his woman's daughter was not with him.

"It's none of your business." Said Nina.

"A child doesn't grow up just by having a mother. I admit that she needs maternal love..." The scene that Wesley had cried out for his mommy came to his mind. Back then, he had wanted panicky to stay by his side, so he had to say, "but you can't give that to Tessa. She also needs a father's love."

"Don't worry. I'll find her a father!" Said Nina.

Howard really don't know what to do. Is Nina a wooden woman? Who else in the world was more suitable to be a dad than he was? No, h

say that a gentleman uses his mouth and not his fists. Where do you come from?"

But before he could finish his words, he was punched by Howard again.

His eyes were sparkling with desire.

"You are Nina's husband?" Howard asked in an angry tone as he saw Jack sit on the ground.


Howard raised his fist and wanted to punch again.

"Slow down. Although we are a couple, I have never touched her. Who are you?" He thought that he must have met a rival in love, but it was not bad. Now, Howard regarded him as his rival.

"Why didn't you do anything to her?" Hearing that, Howard thought Nina was telling a lie again, and there was a glimmer of hope in his heart.

"Yes, we have registered. But there is nothing special about it." Said Jack.

"Do you love her?" Howard asked.

"Of course!" Replied Jack firmly.

After saying that, Jack was punched by Howard again.

"You savage!" Jack was stunned.

Howard raised his fist.

"Stop it, stop it. I really haven't done anything with Nina. But what about her? Where has she gone?" The corner of his mouth was bleeding.

He didn't dare to say anything else. If he spoke again, he would be killed by the man in front of him.

"Jack, let me tell you. Don't you dare to do anything to Nina in the future. If you dare to do anything to her again, you'll die a horrible death!" As Howard finished his words, he took out the key and opened the door for Jack. "Come on in. Remember, do not move anything that doesn't belong to you. Otherwise, you may get into trouble."

Bob had told Howard that Jack was Nina's colleague. He came to China this time not only to find Nina, but to work here. Therefore, when thinking of how well Jack took care of Tessa, Howard didn't go too far, so he opened the door of Nina's house and let Jack in.

Of course, Jack could hear his threatening words, that was, don't let him touch Nina. The implication was that Nina didn't belong to him.

In fact, Jack knew that Nina didn't love him. As for the marriage certificate, it didn't mean anything.

Well, Jack didn't expect that he would get a fist on his first day in China.

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