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   Chapter 236 exposing His evil plan

Speak Softly Love By Lou Yu Characters: 9748

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Tessa put her hands around Howard's neck obediently and let him carry her into the bedroom.

Nina tried to stand up but failed.

If Howard came back

She was so wet. What should she do?

Nina's fear was of no avail. What was to come would come.

Howard put down his Tessa and dried her hair with a hairdryer. Then he gave a kiss on her forehead and said, "darling, sleep well. Let me take care of Mommy, okay?"

"Howard, don't bully my mommy." Tessa said worriedly.

"As long as Tessa calls me dad, I will never bully Mommy." Said Howard.

"Dad..." he thought that kids were so easy to cope with.

Howard smiled, "good girl, have a good sleep. I promise you I will never bully Mommy, OK?"


After covering Tessa with the quilt, Howard turned off the light and walked out of the children's room.

Fortunately, this room had been kept all the time, and now it was served for Tessa.

When Howard returned to the bathroom, he saw Nina moving her feet.

"Honey, why do you bother yourself?" With a distressed look on his face, Howard bent down and said.

"It's all your fault." Nina was angry when she thought of what happened in the daytime. Howard did it on purpose.

"I did it on purpose. If you stay here, how could I have the chance to do that?" Said Howard in a strong tone.

"Dream on!"

Howard snorted and stretched out his hands to pull Nina's clothes.

"Don't touch me!" Nina shouted.

"If I don't do anything to you, who do you want me to do something? Do you feel happy when I go out to look for a lady? But I tell you, Nina, even if I go out to find a lady, I will still touch you. If you have the ability, you can go out now! " Before Nina could curse Howard with those words he had heard, he had already bit on her lips.


Without doubt, Nina was pushed against the wet wall by Howard. she raised her hand, and turned on the shower head. The water poured down from the top to Howard and Nina, making two shadows of each other indistinctly out of the steam.

their clothes were scattered on the ground. The sound of water was also heard in the bathroom.

Howard was always bossy. If he wanted, he would do it without hesitation. He never cared about Nina's refusal.

Nina replied, "I think you have sex with me without my permission."

Lowering his head and the water poured on his handsome face, he squinted and said wickedly, "Nina, I just did love with you. What can you do to me?"

Nina was completely speechless. She felt that coming back was a complete mistake.

Now she wanted to go back, but she couldn't.


She didn't think so. As long as Wesley was safe and sound, she was happy to see him.

Howard brought her previous pajamas to Nina, and she put them on. The light taste was still her favorite.

Howard lifted Nina by her waist. She didn't refuse.

As soon as he walked out of the bathroom with Nina in his arm

ying your room."

Clenching his fists, Wesley asked, "Melissa, who do you think is a thief?"

Melissa blinked her big eyes and said, "I don't know."

Meanwhile, Howard took Melissa's hand and walked directly to the bedroom next door.

After all, there was also a children's room next door.

There were two children's room in the house. Wesley thought the two children were assigned to Melissa, but Melissa didn't stay because she had been living with Wesley.

Now that everyone said that Nina was his mother, Wesley, who was a clever man, understood that Tessa was his sister.

What had happened in the past surged like tide. In his helpless night, when he had missed his mother, it had been Cassie who had accompanied him.

He knew his mother's name was Nina. He missed her very much when he was a little boy. But why did she suddenly appear when he almost forgot that he had accepted the fact that Cassie was his mother?

Wesley was furious. Do not ask the reason, he is very angry!

He kicked open the door of Tessa's room, turned on the light and lifted her up from the bed.

"You are really a bad girl. Who allowed you to enter my room?" Wesley asked aggressively.

Tessa had just fallen asleep, and was now suddenly picked up by the Wesley. Before she could figure out what was going on, she realized that she had messed up in Wesley's room.

"Dad asked me to enter your room." Tessa said confidently, "Daddy told me that I could play with those toys freely, but why did you get so angry with me?"

"You naughty girl! That's my father, not yours. Don't stay in my house. Get out of here!" Then he dragged Tessa out of the room. But he forgot that Tessa was very strong.

Tessa waved her hand. As Wesley's arm became weak, Tessa fell onto the bed.

At this time, Howard came in with Nina in his arms.

Seeing that her parents had come in, Tessa held her little head and cried Wesley bullied me, but mom... "

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