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   Chapter 235 stop talking

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What a mixed feeling!

Nina was silent and carefully put on her slippers.

Yes, even if Tessa would like to go home with her, Nina had no way to do so because of her injury.

"If you want to take a shower, just call me." Said Howard.

"No need." The Hua family had servants to help her, after all.

"Where is Wesley?" she asked. It was really strange that Nina had never seen Cassie and Wesley since she came, right? And Melissa.

"You will see them when it's time." Howard answered without too much emotion.

This man was just an inexplicable being.

Lying on the sofa, Nina murmured, "Babe, Tessa, where are you? Mommy is here. Can you come out?"

Howard glanced at Nina occasionally. She was squinting and her soul was half out of consciousness.

Howard put down the newspaper and went upstairs.

The moment he pushed the door open, Howard was taken aback. Now Wesley's room was in a mess. It seemed that this room had been visited by a tornado.

If Wesley had seen this, he would have peeled off Tessa's skin.

"Tessa?" Howard walked around the room but didn't find Tessa.

"Here I am." Tessa's tender voice came from the wardrobe.

He opened the wardrobe in a hurry and he found that Tessa broke all of Wesley's models into pieces.

"Tessa, what are you doing?" For the first time in his life, Howard didn't know what to do. How could Tessa be such mischievous?

"Play with these models. They are so funny," she complimented, while holding a model in her hand. But the next second, the model's wings were broken by her.

'Of course they are! They are all limited models!

How can I face Wesley later?'

With a sad look on his handsome face, Howard said, "Tessa, your mommy is here. Don't you miss her? Would you like to go downstairs? "

He really hoped that Tessa could leave the room now. Even if she left now, he couldn't imagine how shocked and angry Wesley would be when he came back.

"Howard, where's the robot you said?" Tessa's eyes were wide open.

"Well, a robot!" Howard took Tessa out of the wardrobe.

"Yes." said Tessa.

"The robot is high-tech. It needs time to make it. Please be patient, okay?" 'I have no way to make a robot on my own. When Wesley comes back, he can make one easily,' Howard thought.

"What if Mommy takes me away ?" said Tessa worriedly.

Touching Tessa's head, Howard answered, "Don't worry, honey. Your mommy can't go now."

"Why not?" Tessa was confused.

"I will take Tessa downstairs. You will understand after you have a look." Howard went downstairs, holding Tessa in his arms.

When they came to the living room, Tessa found that her Mommy's legs were on the coffee table. Her legs were so swollen that it seemed that they were badly hurt!

Leaning against the sofa, Nina looked very tired and fell asleep.

How could she not be tired? It took her a long walk.

Fortunately, Howard had cleaned the blisters on her feet. Otherwise, even if she wanted to sleep, she wouldn't be able to fall asleep because of the pain.

"Mr. Howard, what did you do to my mommy?" Tessa's eyes were wide open. she glared at Howard.

How could Howard tell her the embarrassed truth? So he lied to her, "Your mommy sprained her ankle,

the bathtub splashed on the body of Howard and Nina.

"Then can you take a bath with mommy and daddy every day?" Said Howard.

"Okay!" Said Tessa.

"Tessa, don't talk nonsense when you are taking a shower, have you forgotten?" Nina shouted.

Tessa quickly covered her mouth with her little hand.

When they bathed the little body of Tessa, Howard would be in charge of changing water for Tessa, with kid bath gel, towels and so on.

He had never bathed Wesley before. Usually, the housemaids, Max and Cassie would take care of such things.

It was the first time for Howard to feel the happiness of bathing his daughter.

So he was extremely attentive to her.

Tessa had a bath, but when she finished, both Howard and Nina were still wet.

"Mommy, would you like to have a bath, too? Your clothes are wet. " Tessa pointed at Nina's wet clothes and said.

It had been a summer day, so the clothes Nina wore were tight. It was not hard to imagine how curvaceous her figure would be with the help of water.

Howard couldn't help but look at Nina, whose face turned red. "Child, don't talk nonsense."

"Mommy, I am not talking nonsense. Daddy's clothes are wet as well!" Tessa pointed at Howard and said.

Nina took a quick glance at Howard. He was in white T-shirt and wrapped his strong body tightly.

"Tessa, he is not your father. You are not allowed to call him Dad." Said Nina angrily.

But Howard said in a cold voice, "say it again!"

"Tessa, you have to keep in mind that mommy will not allow you to call him Dad. Do you hear me?" Nina repeated.

"But mom, if Howard is not the father of Tessa, then where did Tessa come from?"

Hearing Tessa's words, Howard, who was about to be angry with Nina, smirked.

Nina was too angry to say anything.

"Tessa, let me send you to the bedroom. I don't want you to talk nonsense here."

With a smile on his face, Howard asked, "how are you going to send Tessa to her bedroom?"

Nina was completely speechless.

After wiping the water on Tessa's body slowly, Howard held up Tessa carefully and kissed her on her cheek, saying, "honey, I'll take you to the bedroom."

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