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   Chapter 230 look like mommy

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"Santa? You know I hate Howard. Why do you pretend to be him?" Tessa said angrily, "where's the gift? Where is my gift? "

Santa? Seriously?

What? He still didn't understand what the girl was talking about.

"Where's your mommy?" Since knowing that Tessa was his daughter, Howard tried his best to be as gentle as possible, and the most important thing was that he could speak in a gentle way.

"Santa? Why do you become the Lord? I want a gift." Tessa hadn't walked out of the story weaved by Max.

"Honey, I'm your father. I'm not the Santa Claus." As Howard spoke, he hugged Tessa.

However, Tessa still didn't believe what he said. she pulled Howard's hair and said, "don't lie to me. I have to take off your wig because Max said that she would receive gift from Santa Claus."

What a powerful man! This small hand grabbed Howard's hair and tore his scalp. It was painful.

"Honey, I'm really your father, not Santa Claus." Howard gasped in pain.

Tessa finally believed him, because it was easy to get the wig.

"Mr. Howard, what the hell are you doing here?" Tessa had never liked Howard. Of course, this was because of the constant encouragement of Nina.

"Honey, I'm your father. Are you sure you want to call my name?" Howard asked.

"You are a bad guy!" Raising her head, Tessa said without any fear, "I don't want to call you daddy!"

At this moment, Nina came out of the bathroom.

"Nina, you're so good at disciplining her into such a person!" Howard lowered his head and glared at Nina.

"Mr. Howard, don't flatter yourself. When did Tessa call you dad?" Meet his eyes, Nina asked in a cold tone.

"Why did you say that? Do you want me to have a paternity test with Tessa?" Howard contradicted harshly.

In the next second, he pinched Nina's chin.

Tessa wouldn't allow anyone to bully her mommy.

Without any hesitation, she raised her fist and punched towards Howard.

Although she was standing on tiptoe, her fist hit the most painful part of Howard's body.

Hearing that, Howard's handsome face twitched. "Honey, are you going to scrap your father?"

"How dare you bully my mommy?" Tessa was still clenching her fists.

"Honey, I'm not bullying your mommy. It's your mommy who bully me." How could Howard not be painful? His private part was extremely painful.

he would like to have a few more babies with Nina.

"Then you must promise not to yell at Mommy again."

Howard was speechless. As the president of Hua group, he was threatened by his daughter today.

"If you don't promise me, I won't regard you as my father." Said Tessa.

Hearing this, Howard immediately put on a smile and asked, "sweetheart, do you just call me dad as I agree with you?"

"This one..." Tessa said she wanted to think about it.

"I won't scold your mommy anymore. Come on, call me daddy." It seemed that the place where Tessa hit was less painful.

That was his only daughter, and he had imagined many times how she looked like. Was she like Nina or Wesley.

Yes, she and Wesley looked almost the same. Wesley was manly and domineering, while Tessa was as lovely and adorable as a girl.

Howard was very fond of her. He just regretted that

ph, kids always looked like each other when they were children. If I show you the pictures of me when I was a child, Tessa will also look like me." Explained Nina.

"Okay, give it to me, okay?" It was until Nina couldn't get the photo of their childhood, because he didn't believe that she would keep the photo in her mobile phone.

Howard found this photo when he was in Britain.

He just graduated from University at that time. One day, he was reading in the study. He didn't want to see Bonny.

Bonny was bored and read everywhere, but she was not good at reading since she was a child. No matter what kind of book she opened, it would take her one or two minutes to read and then put it back.

Bonny somehow found that photo album which was very old.

Bonny seemed to have discovered a new continent and said, "Hey, Howard. This is really Collectible!"

Without raising his eyelids lazily, Howard answered in a lazy tone, "it's grandpa's. why do you touch it?"

Bonny said casually, "I just want to have a look at it."

Bonny was reluctant to read. She looked at the photo album with great interest.

Most of the pictures in the album were taken by the Howard's grandfather and grandmother. At that time, most of the pictures were in black and white, except one of which was colorful. It was so weird in the album.

Bonny said excitedly, "Hey, Howard, you are here, right?"

Bonny showed the photo album to him. He was also amazed by his own appearance in childhood. Well, he always knew that he was handsome, but he was so handsome when he was one or two years old that he couldn't move his eyes away.

"Howard, if you take off this suit, maybe other people will call you a girl!" Howard was even prettier than girls in childhood. Yes, he was.

Hearing Bonny's words, Howard smiled mischievously and said, "Bonny, you said that I would look like a girl if I took off my clothes. Then where do you want me to hide? My body is much bigger than yours."

Bonny was not shy at all. She looked at him with emotion and said, "Mr. Howard, I just like your little bit more!"

Thinking back, Howard burst into laughter.

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