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   Chapter 229 I want to stay with you (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-02-27 00:12

"Max, you know nothing. Howard is a demon." Nina was still scared at the thought of what happened to Howard.

"All right. You haven't come back for five years. How could Mr. Howard, a tough man, remain calm? Can't you understand a little bit? " Max had witnessed how Howard had suffered in the past five years, so she spoke for him.

Speechless, she sat on the bed, "Tessa, are you going back to England or not?"

Tessa shook her head.

"Hi, you bastard..." Nina raised her hand, pretending to be angry.

Tessa ran into the arms of Max.

"If you don't go back, I will go back myself." Nina said discouraged.

Tessa hesitated.

For all these years, she lived with her mother.

"Nana, please don't frighten Tessa. You don't want to leave actually. Why do you bother yourself?" Max knew that Nina was a person who is homesick. She was anxious to leave right now, but she couldn't think straight.

"Ahhh, Max, I find that I have not been getting along with Mr. Howard yet. That bastard is becoming more and more evil." Said Nina helplessly.

"Mommy, since you don't like Mr. Howard, we'd better not get along well with him. But we can also get along with grandma. I tell you, she is very nice to me, and she said she liked you very much." Said Tessa, blinking her big eyes.

"Hey, little guy, you have been bribed by your grandma, haven't you?" Nina felt isolated.

Walking to the other side of the living room, Max secretly made a call to Howard. She remembered that in order to untie a bell, the person who tied it was required. Since Nina disliked him so much, it had to be him to solve it.

"For what?" It was the first time in his life that Howard had been in such a mess like this. He was upset and uneasy because of the l


"Tessa, have you finished your chocolate?" Asked Nina.

Tessa raised the chocolate in her hand.

Well, a piece of chocolate was put a little bit down.

Ten minutes later, Nina came out again. "Tessa, have you finished your chocolate?"

Tessa raised the chocolate in her hand again.

Well, she didn't eat much.

"Tessa, are you going to be a snail?" HMM, energy gathering realm. What was this little guy thinking about?

Nina grabbed the chocolate from Tessa's hand and threw it into the garbage can.

"Mommy, how violent!" Said Tessa angrily.

"Since you know mommy is violent, wash your hands and go with mommy obediently!" Nina walked into the bathroom, holding Tessa's hand.

Just then, the doorbell rang.

Tessa always remembered what Max said to her. Someone knocked at the door and hurried to open it. Tessa pushed Nina away.

"What are you doing?" Nina didn't have enough strength to push Tessa. Tessa pushed her so hard that she almost fell down.

"I'll open the door. My godmother said someone would send me a gift." Tessa said happily.

Tessa opened the door with anger, and then saw the furious look on Howard's face.

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