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   Chapter 228 I want to stay with you (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-02-27 00:02

Everyone was waiting for Cassie's leaving.

But Cassie didn't say anything or move.

Andrea and Max looked at each other, not knowing what Cassie was going on.

"Miss Cassie, you don't look good. Do you need me to give you a ride?" Bob continued calmly

He didn't tell Cassie where he would go. Instead, he waited for Cassie to tell him the address.

Now, Cassie was in a dilemma. If she really wanted to leave the Hua family, she was absolutely reluctant to do so. But if she didn't leave, she had just spoken it out and got a response from Andrea.

However, as things developed to the current embarrassing situation, it was absolutely not what she wanted.

After uttering a "Okay", she rolled her eyes and fainted.

In this case, Cassie was not a foolish person. You could see how long she has been unconscious. After she fainted, no one would drive her away.

Instead, they got into a panic.

they shouted for a doctor and pinched her.

The last one, of course, was to send Cassie to the hospital.

Bob sent Wesley to accompany Cassie to the hospital. Andrea was very fond of Tessa, for they were close and loved each other very much.

"Tessa, you and Wesley are twins. Wesley has a bad temper. Don't be mad at him, okay?" Said Andrea with a smile on her face.

"So you are my grandma?" Tessa held her face with her little hands and said.

"Yes, you're right. I'm Tessa's grandmother. I fell in love with you the first time I saw you in the hospital. I thought my granddaughter would have grown up. I didn't expect you to be my granddaughter. I'm so happy. Would you like to stay with me?" Andrea got more and more emotional as she said, tears even flowing down her face.

Tessa wiped her tears with her

"How sweet she is!" Andrea said happily.

In this way, Max sent Tessa back home.

When she got back home, she found that Nina was not at home.

Max thought that Howard must have gone to Nina's place. They hadn't seen each other for so many years and there was a lot to talk about, so she and Tessa were watching TV and watching cartoon at home.

She didn't expect that Nina would go back to Britain with Tessa after she came back.

I have to do something!

"Mommy, why should we go back to England? Isn't it good in China?" Tessa asked curiously.

"You don't like the bad guy, don't you? I tell you, I don't like him, either. That's why I decide to take you away. " Said Nina.

"Come on, Nana. Don't talk nonsense to Tessa. Even if you don't like Mr. Howard, you can't deny the fact that Tessa is Mr. Howard's daughter. What the hell are you talking about? You leave so quickly! " Max put the clothes that Nina took out and put them back into the wardrobe, "let me tell you, Nana, right now, not only will Howard not allow you to leave, I will not agree you to leave, either. You are not a three-year-old kid anymore. Why are you so willful? "

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