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   Chapter 222 Nina is still alive

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"Okay, mom." With these words, Howard drew back his phone.

He turned around to go downstairs, but stopped suddenly. The more he thought about it, the more strange he felt. A nurse just said that someone picked Sophia up. Then why did she say that she took a taxi?

Hearing that, Howard frowned. He had a hunch that one of the nurses and Gavin, Sophia had lied.


Howard went to the nurse desk immediately. A nurse was sitting in front of the computer to check what she was looking at. He knocked the nurse table with his finger.

The nurse raised her head and found it was Howard. She quickly put on a gentle smile and said, "Mr. Howard."

"Yes. I'm calling to ask you something. Did someone pick them up from the hospital today, or did someone go to the hospital on her own? "

The nurse thought for a while and replied, "Mr. Howard, a beautiful girl picked them up. Yes, a girl with a little girl."

Howard's breath quickened. "Are you sure you didn't lie?"

"Wow, Mr. Howard, look at you. No one dares to be deceived ."

With a nod, Howard said, "you're right."

Then Howard turned around and ran into the elevator. He wanted to go to the Liang clan's house and find out who had picked them up.

With a cold face all the way, Howard drove the car at a high speed. However, he didn't know that Nina had only stayed at home for a few minutes.

Nina and Tessa had already left when Howard came.

Again, Howard failed.

He stared at the cup of cold water on the tea table in a daze.

"I really can't stand the water in the hospital, so I asked your father to get me a few more glasses," replied Sophia immediately

Looking at her with his sharp eyes, he asked, "Mom, when did you change your habit of drinking cold water?"

Sophia went blank for a while. She didn't expect that Mr. Howard was so thoughtful. He remembered that she liked cold water and never drank hot water.

"Well, your mother has been in the hospital for a few days and has got used to it. On the other hand, she is too old to drink cold water. She has a stomach problem. " Gavin tried to mediate the dispute.

"That's right." For the first time in her life, Sophia felt that her husband was a wise man.

Hearing that, Howard took a breath. Although the window was open in the living room, he could still faintly hear the familiar smell.

It tasted special.

Was there something wrong with his taste? Or was he hallucinating?

Howard could not understand for a moment.

"Father, mother, I have a meeting and I'm leaving now. Call me if you have any problems." Howard stood up.

"Okay." Gavin said hurriedly.

It was not until Howard went out that Mr. Gavin and Mrs. Sophia relieved.

Howard was in no mood to go to the meeting. He called his assistant to arrange the meeting before driving home.

Depressed, he changed his shoes in the hallway, took off his tie, and went upstairs to the study lazily.

he poured a glass of wine for himself, thinking if there was something wrong with his body these days. he always felt a little uncomfortable.

After he rubbed his temples, he called Bo

e gardener wailed.

Howard gnashed his teeth and shouted, "get out."

Handing the gold box to Bob, the gardener wiped his tears and left.

Howard picked up his phone and said, "Ethan, you are really a brave man, aren't you? Well, if you want to steal something at my house, do you really want to die?"

"Young master, calm down. We will solve the matter slowly. Tomorrow is the birthday of Mrs. Mei. If you make a big trouble tonight, how will she celebrate her birthday next year?" As Bob didn't drink much, he was more rational than Howard. What he said was true. But Howard always respected Ethan's mother.

Lowering his head in dismay, Howard rubbed between his eyebrows and asked, "tell me, why did Max and Ethan do this to me?"

"Mr. Howard, this is not the case. You know what kind of person Max is. Mr. Ethan would definitely not stop anything she wants to do. But that's not enough. I think there is a reason for her to do so."

"You mean that Max doesn't believe me?"

"Maybe. Max loves Nina the most. She probably just can't accept the fact that Nina is gone."

He replied impatiently, "Bob, you are getting more and more cautious. Take in and out what? By the way, have you sent the Jade Buddha that I asked you to buy to the Mei clan today? "

"Not yet." Said Bob.

"Okay, you don't have to send her back. I'll bring her back myself tomorrow."

"Young master, are you not going to England tomorrow?" Bob asked in shock. Howard had gone to England to meet a big client. If he didn't go now, it would cost hundreds of millions of dollars of contract.

"No, I'm going to go to Mrs. Mei's birthday party tomorrow."

"Do you need me to tell Mr. Ethan?"

Howard shook his hand and said, "no, I just want to be here all of a sudden."

If Nina was still alive and she was in a city right now, she might have appeared at the birthday party of Ethan's mother.

Of course, if it was Nina who could hide from him, she would not show up.

However, no matter whether she would show up or not, he had to try his luck.

he hoped that Nina was still alive!

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