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   Chapter 221 what relationship is it

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"Sir, are you going in?" A nurse came over and asked.

"Oh, no, thanks." Bob replied immediately.

The nurse opened the door and walked in with a bottle of liquid.

"Who is that?" Sophia asked cautiously. She heard the nurse talk with someone outside just now.

"It's strange. A man was standing at the door just now. It seems he was eavesdropping." The nurse asked curiously.

"Hey, old man, go out and have a look." Mrs. Sophia said worriedly. After all, few people knew that Nina had come back, especially Mr. Howard!

If it was Mr. Howard

All of a sudden, Sophia hoped it was Mr. Howard who was standing outside. If it was true, it might be good news for both Nana and Mr. Howard.

Sophia wanted to tell Howard that Nina was still alive, but she couldn't tell him because Nina and her father Gavin had stopped her.

This feeling was really terrible!

Gavin walked back to her and said, "no one is here. Perhaps he has left."

Sophia thought for a while and asked, "is it Mr. Howard?"

"Auntie, it's not like that. Everyone in the hospital knows Mr. Howard. It's not him!" The nurse said.

Sophia sighed in disappointment, "then who could it be?"

"I don't know him!" The nurse took out the empty infusion bottle and said, "it seems to be Mr. Mr. Howard's bodyguard, Bob."

Sophia was overjoyed to hear that Bob was coming. He would tell Howard.

In fact, Bob didn't get it very clear. There was only one thing he heard from her: Nana will find a better man as long as she's fine.

That was what he had been thinking about.

Melissa dragged his clothes and said, "Uncle Bob, it's time to go home."

"Oh, we're going back," Bob added

On the way back home, Bob suddenly asked, "Wesley, what does the woman who burned your mommy look like?"

Wesley played with his robot and answered absent mindedly, "I hate her. she looks almost like my mom."

"What's her name?" Bob asked again

What a coincidence! Cassie looks so much like Nina, and now there is a woman who looks so much like her?

What does that have to do with them?

Hearing his words, Cassie's heart tightened. she smiled and said, "Bob, her name is Agnes. Yes, she looks a little like me. But there are always some people in the world who look like me, aren't there?"

Bob didn't say a word.

After returning home, Bob found Howard's car was at home. Well, it seemed that young master had come back.

"Dad," Wesley called after getting out of the car.

After walking out of the house in pajamas, Howard looked at his watch and asked unhappily, "where have you been?"

"Dad, mommy was scalded by a bad woman. We accompanied her to the hospital." Wesley said as he dragged Cassie in front of Howard.

Cassie's arm was wrapped with thick white gauze, and she looked at Howard aggrievedly.

Glancing at her indifferently, he frowned and asked, "what happened?"

"Dad, it's all the fault of Tessa's mother - that bad woman who intentionally burned my mother!" Wesley said.

"That Auntie didn't do it on purp

ked it.

"Can't you be more aware of what your priority is? Check the message for a while. If you read it again, then jump off me."

"Honey, it's a message from Mr. Howard. He's going abroad tomorrow and won't have the chance to visit our mother. Do you think we should let Nina come again?" said Ethan, while pressing against Max's arms

"Come on. Let Nana be here. " Then she turned over and pressed against Ethan, grabbed his phone and threw it away.

"Honey, I like your wildness." a wry smile formed on Ethan's face

Howard had called Bob and asked him to buy a good jade Buddha for Ethan's mother. Mrs. Mei believed in Buddhism. Howard knew it.

After he gave orders to Bob, Howard walked to the nurse station. Just then, his phone rang. He thought it was Ethan calling, but it was from Aunt Sophia.

"Mom." Howard answered the phone. "Are you home now?"

Sitting next to Sophia, Nina nodded with admiration. Since she came back from the hospital, she suddenly remembered that what if Howard went to pick up her mother and leave the hospital?

Then she called Mr. Gavin and Mrs. Sophia to tell Howard that Mrs. Sophia had already gone back home and would not keep Howard waiting for her all the time.

"Howard, I've already come back home and I've recovered from my injuries. So, I discussed with your father to take a taxi home. As soon as I got home, your father urged me to call you. He was afraid that you couldn't find us when you went to the hospital. Don't worry about us. We are good. " Said Sophia cheerfully.

It was the first time that Howard talked to Sophia in such a joyful tone since Nina left.

Howard touched his chin as usual. He felt that there was something wrong with Mr. Gavin and Mrs. Sophia recently. Yes, they were in high spirits. Both of them looked much better than before.

Maybe it was because he had met Cassie. In that case, it was right for him to take Cassie to meet them.

By now, Howard still hadn't known that Gavin and Sophia had come back because of Nina.

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