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   Chapter 220 accidental burn

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Max drove Tessa to the children's gym.

Nina had been waiting at the door. Seeing Max's car coming over, she rushed over.

"Did Wesley purposely make things difficult for you?" Nina asked eagerly.

The car came to a halt. "Looks like you know your son well? He is too smart and also too naughty. " Max said with a sigh, "ah, these days he was extremely arrogant by the Hua family's people. If you were there, I don't think that little boy would be so arrogant. Tut, tut, now he almost thought nothing of me as his godmother. He calls me aunt when he was happy, and when he was unhappy, he calls me auntie. He completely forgot that he was sucking from me when he was a child."

"Max, it's not my fault." Said Nina painfully. She wouldn't leave with Tessa if there was any hope.

"Well, let bygones be bygones. Thanks to Cassie, that woman..." Max lit a cigarette, patted Nina on the shoulder and said in a low voice, "my silly girl, if you really want to hand over Howard to Cassie, have you ever thought about what you will spend the rest of your life? How could she be such a woman? By the way, you have a foreign husband... "

"Don't worry. I'm fine," Nina continued. Don't worry about me. Howard has already engaged with Cassie, and I have no intention of going back. Besides, Cassie is my sister. Since she has helped me take care of Wesley for so long, I should be grateful to her. I don't think I should fight against her for anything else. "

Hearing this, Max was confused and didn't understand what Nina meant at all.

"Nana, what did you say? What sister? " As far as Max knew, Nina was the only person who ever considered her as her sister. But why did she break in?

"Can't you see that Cassie looks exactly like me? Stupid woman! "

"Damn it! Do you mean Cassie? When did your parents happen? Why didn't I know? " "Is the world too strange?" Max asked with her eyes wide open.

With a smile on her face, Nina threw a punch in the Max. "Screw you! My parents? Cassie is not my mom's daughter."

Max suddenly realized and said, "oh my God! Your father is not a big boss, but he is fooling me. Tell me, does your mom's illness have anything to do with this matter?"

"Don't mention it. It happened many years ago. It was all my mother's fault I come back is the happiest thing for them. "

Taking a deep drag on her cigarette, Max laughed and said, "in this world, there are really many strange things. However, it's a pity for you to give up Howard to your sister like this!. "

"I don't think so." Finishing her words, Nina winked at Max.

Until then did Max notice that Tessa was listening to the conversation.

"Good girl, how about the adult's world now? Have you got it?"

Tessa shook her head and said, "but I'm not a kid any more."

"Humph! An inexperienced girl! Do you think you are more capable?" Max said with a smile.

Nina hugged Tessa and checked her wound. She asked lovingly, "honey, are you still painful?"

Tessa shook her head, "no, Mommy."

Nina kissed her on her little face. She knew that no matter how pai

our responsibilities!" Wesley said angrily.

Standing on the stairs, she slowly turned to look at Wesley.

With a snort, Wesley turned around to hold Cassie. "Mommy, hang in there. We're going to the hospital," he said

Cassie looked up at Nina with a deeply hidden bitterness in her eyes.

"I'm sorry, Cassie. Please trust me that I didn't mean it." Nina murmured.

"But it hurts!" Said Cassie with no expression on her face.

"Mommy, cut the crap. Let's go!" Wesley said.

"Okay, let's go." Cassie bowed her head with a smile on her lips. Whatever would happen to his biological mother if he was really forced to have a baby. Wesley was her son now, and he was Cassie's son.

Bob came soon and looked at the place where Cassie hurts. There were many tiny bubbles on it.

He looked up at the children's gym and asked Wesley, "Wesley, where is the woman who was burned by Miss Cassie?"

"Well, I guess she was scared away when she heard that you were coming." Wesley huffed.

"Oh, I want to see her." Bob was just curious about what kind of woman had burned Cassie on purpose!

"Ouch! It hurts! Take me to the hospital, Bob!" Cassie didn't want Bob to see Nina. She hadn't become the lady of the Hua family yet! She couldn't afford any accident!

"All right." Bob had no choice but to open the door.

He drove at full speed to the hospital.

After arriving at the hospital, the doctor quickly dressed the wound for Cassie.

Bob knew that Aunt Sophia was in hospital, so he went to the floor of her ward when the doctor bandaged the wound for Cassie.

he wanted to visit Sophia by the way, but he heard the conversation between Gavin and Sophia when he reached the door.

"Well, I really can't reconcile myself to let Cassie take Howard away." Sophia sighed.

"Just be content. As long as Nana is fine, she will find a better man." It was Gavin's voice.

His hand froze in midair. Bob pressed his ear against the door so that he could hear more clearly, but he couldn't hear what he was going to say next.

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