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   Chapter 218 you are so cold

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Having no time to tease with Max, Nina drove to the plum house.

Seeing Tessa's pale face, Max realized that things were more serious than she had thought.

"Honey, how did Tessa make the plastic surgery?" Max said sadly.

"It's all because of that bad guy, Wesley,"

"Forget it, Max. Take Tessa to Wesley right now. Only he can take her down on his robot." Said Nina anxiously.

"Okay." Max held Tessa's hand and said, "let's go, my baby. Get in godmother's car."

Looking back at Nina, Tessa said, "Mommy, don't you want to go with us?"

"No, I'll wait for you in the gym. Come with Max. she will protect you. " Nina urged.

Tessa had no choice but to follow Max into the car.

Without hesitation, Max drove the car straight to the Hua family.

'Wesley is supposed to be at home now, ' she thought.

"godmother, why doesn't mom go with me to visit Wesley?" asked Tessa Tessa, who was sitting in the car, asked curiously.

"You don't need to know. Your mother doesn't want to see Howard," said Max without even thinking

"Mom says Howard is a bad guy, so she doesn't want to see him." Tessa said to herself.

Max was speechless, thinking that Tessa had been successfully brainwashed.

"Is Howard a bad guy, godmother?" Tessa asked again.

"Well Yes, a little. " There was no answer for this question. After all, the father and the daughter had known each other that day. Tessa couldn't help but speak ill of Howard. She felt she was wronged!

"I'll avenge myself on Wesley one day. How dare he bite me!" The sudden pain in Tessa's shoulder immediately distracted her attention from Wesley, and Tessa hated Wesley even more!

"As for Tessa's revenge, we can talk about it later." Max knew well about Tessa's strength. She didn't want Tessa to hurt her son-in-law, did she?

Tessa obstinately lowered her head and didn't say a word. she was thinking that she wouldn't wait until she grew up to take revenge. She would definitely take revenge on him if there was any chance.

At this time, Max drove into the Hua family's mansion.

As soon as Max stopped the car, Tessa jumped out of the car. She shouted without fear, "you bastard Wesley, come out and get this little robot on my shoulder, or..."

"Shh, be a good girl. Don't be so fierce. If Wesley won't take it off you, you two are the same. You are both proud and arrogant..."

Tessa blinked her big eyes and said, "mother *, what are you talking about? I don't understand." (* TN: here mother means sworn mother)

Max was stunned, "Oh, thank you for your ignorance. Look, the bad guy is coming." Max said, pointing at the man Howard coming out of the villa.

Tessa raised her head and looked at Howard without fear.

Howard had just seen Max's car coming in from the living room. He thought it was probably because Ethan and Max missed Melissa, so he got up and went

ith Nina, things might not be like this now.

He believed that his wife and daughter would all live well, and he still owed Nina a big wedding!

Tessa was more confused. Why did this bad guy say mommy's name? And he seemed to be familiar with Mommy!

At this time, Tessa's shoulders suddenly hurt a lot. She bit her lips. But Max still found out the slight shiver.

"Mr. Howard, your son put a little bit of that thing on my goddaughter's shoulder. I've known him for years. Could you let me in and ask Wesley to take it off for her?" Said Max seriously.

Howard glanced at Tessa. There were sweat on her forehead. she indeed felt painful.

As for the toy, he didn't think it was Wesley's, because it was rare for his son to play with other toys.

"You can take off the robot, but you are not allowed to enter my villa." Howard said coldly.

"Come over, Wesley!" Max did not dare to delay any longer and shouted.

Wesley was tidying up his new vehicle in the study when he heard Max's voice. With reluctance, he said to Melissa who was playing toys, "Melissa, why is your mom's voice always so loud?"

"I don't know." Although Melissa agreed with Wesley, she didn't want to speak ill of her mom.

Wesley put up the tank and came to the window. He leaned on the ground and watched Tessa's smug face under the villa. Everything was under his control. He knew that the little robot he designed could not be taken down. No one knew where the gear was.

"Auntie Max, why did you bring this moody fairy here? She is not welcome here!" Wesley gloated.

The twins were naughty. Tessa called him little devil, and he called Tessa little devil. Okay, that's all right. Howard was a bad guy. Sure enough, they were a family!

"Wesley, come down!" Max said in a commanding tone.

Raising his eyebrows, Wesley asked, "what if I don't?"

'huh! The tone is exactly the same as that of Mr. Howard!'!

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