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   Chapter 213 making trouble

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Ethan was so upset that he had no idea that Tessa was actually Howard's daughter. In that case, at most I will do something for you. At least, it is a kind of comfort that you refuse to die without saying a word. '.

But now he had known that Tessa was the daughter of Mr. Howard. Why would Mr. Howard still ask him to hand over his child so harshly?

'damn it! What did I do?

As a matter of fact, Ethan had experienced a really bitter experience.

Seeing that Ethan pretended to be dumb in front of him, Howard gave him a hard kick at the vital part of his body.

"Say no? I'm gonna kill you! "

"Ouch!" Feeling great pain, Ethan bent over and said, "boss, I really don't know..."

Ethan clenched his teeth and said.

Hearing that, Howard squinted. After taking a deep puff of the cigarette, he slowly spit the smoke on Ethan's white face. Then he sent the smoke to his mouth.

Ethan stuttered, "Bo We are good friends, not enemies. You don't have to force us to confess. What are we going to do? "

"Don't try to fool me. Who is her father? Why do you always defend her? Is she your illegitimate daughter with another woman? "

"Boss, don't talk nonsense. If what you said is heard by Max, she will surely kill me!"

"You'd better not interfere too much with his words. He also doesn't mention our brotherhood. If you still keep it in mind, you will be against me..."

"Boss, stop it. I swear I don't have the guts to oppose you. Look, this is..." Ethan took out the ring that Nina had bought and said, "look! This is the ring that the baby wants to compensate you! It's going down, boss! " Ethan looked at Howard with pleading eyes.

Glancing at the ring, he asked, "did her family buy it?"

"More or less!"

Hearing her question, Howard sneered and said, "that sounds great. Only a few people can afford two million dollars at will. I guess they are not ordinary people. Just tell me, who are the parents of the baby?"

Hearing that, Howard was puzzled. As far as he knew, Ethan would not find fault with him for the sake of a little girl. Even if it might be Alice's idea to take the girl away today, but since Max was not here, what was he trying to hide? What secrets did the little girl have?

Were their parents high-ranking officials?

What kind of high-ranking officials in A city were so powerful that they had to set Ethan against him?

He hadn't thought of anyone who dared to be arrogant in front of him!

Howard raised his hand and the smoke was squeezed into the Ethan's nose.

"Cough Boss... " Although the best cigarette in the world, it was the best in the world. When you smelt it, you would have a bad feeling!

A few moments later, tears fell down from his nose.

Ethan really wanted to kneel down to Howard. It was getting more and more intolerable!

But there was one moment when he wanted to tell them that 'Nina' was back. 'your own child was held by your dad.

'hang in there! Hang in there!

He hoped that Howard could show some mercy to him and beat him as hard as he could.


didn't dare to come out of the bathroom just now, coughed.

Taken aback, Tessa said to Nina apologetically, "Mommy, I didn't mean to disturb you. The smell in the bathroom is too bad."

Nina covered Tessa's mouth in a hurry.

Cassie turned around and gazed at the toilet.

"Go back," Sophia urged her hurriedly.

Max didn't know what to do, so she said, "Cassie, the toilet is for the kids in the next ward. They have to use the toilet in their ward. That's why we come here."

Max said calmly, but Gavin looked nervous.

Cassie smiled. She didn't believe what Max said at all. Surely, she could guess that the people in the washroom must be Nina and Tessa. However, these people shouldn't be so nervous, because she was the last one who wanted to reveal Nina's true identity.

So, Cassie smiled considerately, "Oh, I see. You scared me just now."

Max said with an awkward smile.

At this time, Ethan ran in, followed by Howard, whose face was as cold as ice.

At that moment, it was not others who were nervous, but Cassie.

Cassie was afraid that Howard would not come back to home after what happened between Nina and Tessa

So, Cassie said, "Auntie, it's very late now. Do you need me to stay with you?" She knew very well that among so many people here, she was the most unqualified one to stay. Of course she said these words to everyone.

"No, you go back. I'll be there." Gavin said hurriedly.

"Okay, then Mr. Gavin and Mrs. Sophia, I will go back with Max." Ethan was enraged at the sight of Howard, not to mention being together with him. Therefore, he had to leave right away.

"Okay. Drive slowly on the road." Said Sophia.

Then he took Max's hand and said, "let's go, honey."

Max gave a stern glance at Ethan and thought, 'Nana and Tessa are still in the bathroom. Are they just leaving like that?'?

Ethan pinched Max anxiously and said, "let's go now."

The unutterable expression on Ethan's face made Max realize something. Then she said goodbye to everyone and walked out with him.

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