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   Chapter 210 you are joking (Part Two)

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She was so happy today!

After lunch, they went directly to the jewelry store.

Nina chose a pair of rings worth about two million for Howard. Of course, she didn't see what the two rings looked like, but she bought them in the similar price.

Max insisted on paying for her, but was turned down by Nina.

"Max, it was Tessa who made it. Let me pay for it. Take it as my apology. Mr. Howard and Mrs. Cassie," said Nina

"Damn it! It's not gonna happen even if you want to apologize. Tessa is Howard's daughter." "But I don't think so.".

Tessa, who was standing aside, blinked her eyes.

"Mommy..." she dragged Nina's clothes and continued, "aunt Max said that who is the real father of Tessa? Is she the child of a bad guy? "

Max said apologetically. She had forgotten that Tessa was here.

"Oh, Tessa, your godmother is just kidding. Don't take it seriously!" Nina covered it up hurriedly.

Ethan smiled. He didn't expect that Howard became a bad guy.

What would you think if you knew it!

Just at that moment, Max's phone rang.

It was a call from the hospital.

Max picked up the phone.

"Hello, is that Max?" A strange woman's voice.

"Yes. What can I do for you?" Max asked politely. She didn't know why the hospital would call her all of a sudden. Ethan's parents were in good health and her family were very far away from each other. If there was something wrong, they would not call the hospital. They should call his family.

"Sophia is in a severe coma. Gavin, I'm waiting for you." The nurse said.

It never occurred to Nina that it was her mother who got sick. She hastily took the phone from Max and said, "I'm their daughter. Please cure her as soon as possible. I'll be right there."

"Oh, right. Mr. Gavin asked me to tell you to inform Mr. Howard, don't forget." The nurse said and hung up.

Inform Mr. Howard? Why did the nurse ask her to inform Howard?

Oh my God! Could you stop joking with me!

Looking at Nina's anxiou

with each other, we will only love each other after I have a good life with Gavin," said Amanda arrogantly

She had never seen such a bastard before!

She sneered, "who the hell are you? Let me go!"

"Okay, you two stop quarreling. Let me tell you the truth." "If Amanda's baby is a boy, she will give birth to it; if it is a girl, you should have an abortion."

Sophia wouldn't agree, for she didn't want Amanda to give birth to any child.

Gavin tried his best to persuade her, "honey, think about it. You had a massive haemorrhage when you gave birth to Nina and you didn't have your uterus. You can't be pregnant in the future. Since Amanda is pregnant, we should let her give birth to the baby. We can give some money to her and let her get rid of it. After that, we have both children."

So Amanda decided to live in the house of the Liang clan.

But when she was five months pregnant with Cassie, she went to the hospital and found that the baby was a girl.

And both Gavin and Sophia wanted her to have an abortion.

they had scared away Amanda and before she left, she not came back since she had robbed all the Liang Family.

If it were not for Cassie, Gavin and Sophia would have forgotten about it.

The more Sophia thought about it, the more upset she became. She lost her breath and passed out.

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