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   Chapter 209 you are joking (Part One)

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Of course, Nina would not marry a foreigner. On the marriage certificate, the man on the marriage certificate was Tessa's godfather. They were colleagues and had worked together in the company of Rain's.

Jack was very fond of Tessa. Every time Tessa went to the company, he would play games with her and teach Tessa to play bow.

Tessa's skill was really good. she learned it from Jack.

Jack was very nice to Nina and liked her very much. Of course, he had expressed his love to her, but was rejected by Nina.

Nina came back to China later. She was afraid that she couldn't concentrate after meeting Howard, so she asked Jack for help and fake marriage certificate to fool Howard.

she didn't expect that she would be able to get such an important evidence from Ethan and Max.

"Nana, you actually married a foreigner. You are such a fool. Are foreigners richer than Howard? Or better than Howard? " Max defended for Howard.

Over the past few years, Howard's pained look had all over the screen. Now, Nana had come back and told them that she had been married?

Is there anything more ridiculous than this?

"Max, it's hard for me, a woman, to take care of a child in five years, isn't it?" These words were what Nina had thought about before. It was too difficult to be together with Howard. Although she would miss him, she felt exhausted when thinking of his grandpa, father and other obstacles. She was too weak to go on, and she would give up!

"But it's not fair to Howard!"

Nina's face darkened. "It's not fair to him? What about me? Fair? They want my children, and they don't want my marriage. They drive me out of the house. Can it be satisfied just by saying that Howard loves me? Too hard to get along with the Hua family! You haven't been through it, so you don't understand! At that time Mr. Allen! " Nina sniffed. Her past couldn't be looked back.

"But Allen doesn't care about Howard anymore. I know it was hard for you, but it's all over now. Nana, could you please have some sympathy on Howard? He even found

y it, okay?"

"It's up to you! Who do you think you are, Ethan! I don't want your ring. Hand over the child right now. "

Looking at Max and Nina.

Uh huh. Nina took the phone and hung up.

"Hey, Nana! Boss will kill me!" How dare he hang up Howard's phone without permission.

As expected, Ethan's phone kept ringing.

It was from Howard. Nina sent a message to Howard, "boss, it's impossible to give back the child, but you can rest assured. I will definitely give you the ring, and it will be sent to you tomorrow.

After sending the message, she turned off Ethan's phone.

"Babe, you are so great you can teach me to play bow when I have time! "

Tessa stole a glance at her Mommy.

Nina didn't mean to blame her.

Her mommy was so good today. It was the first time that her mommy hadn't criticized her for what she had done to her.

Was Howard a bad guy!

It must be her!

"Nana, when will you go to see your parents? These years they have..." "I'm having a hard time," Max sighed

In the past five years, all of Nina's parents' hair had turned white.

Every time Max went to see them, she would feel heartbroken.

Nina thought for a while and said, "I'll visit them when I get a chance. I'm so sorry for them!"

"Don't cry. It will be good for you. Don't keep crying. I am so happy to see you crying!" Max announced loudly.

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