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   Chapter 205 I want to cry, but I don't have tears

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Cassie wore a silk cheongsam which looked like the lady of the Republic of China and made a hairstyle on purpose.

To be honest, Howard didn't like it.

It's okay to make everything clear. Don't care about who is standing beside you.

Take Nina for example, she never cared about the awe inspiring Howard in a city, and wore whatever she liked to wear. You could just look at it if you liked, but you didn't like to pull it.

If she dressed casually, she could walk on the street.

People would get tired if they cared about others' view.

Howard frowned. Why did he think of Nina again?

"I've promised you that I will bury Nina in the future. Why do you mention her again?"!

Stopping the car, Howard walked into the elevator with the gift, followed by Cassie.

"Where am I?" Cassie thought she was going to visit the Hua family, but it wasn't the same place as the Hua family's. they lived in a single house.

"You'll know when you get inside." Howard said flatly.

Then Howard rang the doorbell and Mrs. Sophia came to open the door.

"Oh, it's Howard." As soon as she finished her words, Cassie came out from behind of Mr. Howard.

Ms. Sophia almost fainted. Fortunately, Mr. Howard held her quickly.

"Mom -"

"husband, come here! My daughter is back!" Mrs. Sophia cried with joy. She put on her glasses again with her hands shivering. Then, she touched Cassie's face with her wrinkled hand.

"It's none of your business!".

When she looked at the man, Cassie's heart clenched.

"Gavin? Isn't it the Gavin who bowed to you during the party?"?

Oh, this was the home of Nina.

Nina's father stopped in front of Cassie. With only a glance at her, he knew that the woman standing in front of him was definitely not his daughter.

She behaved differently. And if Nana really came back, she would not stand still, at least she would call them dad and mom.

But the girl looked like her daughter very much.

Gavin let out a sigh and said, "Alas, great lady. Take a closer look at her. She is not Nina at all. She just looks like her!"

"What?" Said Aunt Sophia in disappointment.

"It's father and mother. Let's have a talk inside." Mr. Howard walked into the room with Mrs. Sophia.

Mrs. Sophia cried, "Howard, you're making us disappointed? Why don't you bring Wesley with you? "

"Wesley is busy with his work. Besides, he's so naughty. I don't want to bother you." Howard used to take Wesley with him.

Wesley had told Nina's parents many times that he had a mother. They hadn't seen Cassie, so they thought that the so-called "mommy" from Wesley's parents was just a servant.

And now, she finally understood that the rumor about Howard's engagement was true. It was said that the woman in front of her was like Nina.

"Howard, are you going to get married?" Gavin felt very uncomfortable.

"Dad, if Mom and you think we are a perfect match, we will get engaged!" Howard said flatly.

Hearing his words, Cassie was too shocked to say anything. She thought, 'it's so unreal. Why didn't he tell m

le face in her hands and said, "darling, I'm not happy because the big guy is going to get engaged to Cassie tomorrow. I'm angry, sad, and..."

Nina was so sad that she took her biscuit away and poured it into her mouth with hesitation. All kinds of biscuits inserted into Nina's mouth and then fell out from her. She mistreated herself in this way.

Tessa's eyes were wide open. "Mommy, you dropped all the biscuits on the ground. Uncle said that we shouldn't waste food!"

Nina picked up the biscuit and crushed it with force. "You are an asshole, Howard. I hate you!"

She knew that they could not be together anymore, but why was she so sad!

It was because she couldn't let go, so she self torture.

It seemed that only in this way could she feel better.

Actually, she knew clearly what Howard was doing had nothing to do with her.

It was rumored that Howard had been engaged to another girl? she forced herself to accept the fact that Howard was going to marry Cassie today, so why did he bother to torture himself!

"Sweetheart, Mommy's so sorry. I didn't mean to scare you. I'm really sorry. Don't be scared," said Nina, with a smile on her face, as she tucked his scattered hair behind her back and held Tessa into her arms

"It doesn't matter, Mommy. I'll cook for Mommy." Tessa jumped off the sofa.

"Honey, Mommy will do it. Wait for me." After what happened just now, Nina felt better. She went into the kitchen and cooked something for Tessa and herself.

Tessa picked up her bear and scratched its ear, "you bad boy, how could you bully Mommy? I'll beat you to death..."

After a short while, the hair on the toy was all gone.

Tessa thought that she couldn't let the bad guy bully her Mommy in this way. She must avenge her Mommy.

But how to take revenge?

Tessa gave a sly smile. Tomorrow she was going to destroy the engagement ceremony of bad guy and Cassie.

But the first thing she needed to do was to keep it from her mother. Oh, I can't go to work with mommy tomorrow!

Tessa, come on!

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