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   Chapter 203 the tomb (Part One)

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Cassie started to study.

Everyone in the Hua family was surprised.

Besides, all she read were poems, calligraphy, etc

There was always an saying in this word: what was the elegance in it.

In fact, Cassie had misunderstood Nina. The Nalan clan's name she had seen in her room on the third floor was merely opened by Nina occasionally. She was pregnant at that time, wasn't it?

Well, Nina thought that she could stay with Max everyday, busy with the grass and feeding fish.

If his grandson really liked these dolls, then Allen would dislike them more.

For the sake of the Hua family's future, Nina began to read Lenny.

She admitted that the Nalan clan's words were beautiful, but she often looked away when she looked at them.

She couldn't wait anymore when she saw the gardeners cutting the flowers and feeding fish. She put down the book and ran into the yard.

Reluctantly, Sherry shook his head and heaved a sigh. "She is a wild girl. I guess the parents would feed them to feed the fish and flowers."

In order not to make this idea become reality, he began to study for Nina when she lay in his arms at night.

She could do whatever she wanted.

But Nina just did what she could not do. While Howard saw her, she fell asleep unconsciously.

Later, he gave up.

Instead, they arranged for Nina to listen to music.

Nina loved it very much.

Especially when it came to pure music.

Listening to this, Nina was very happy. She squinted her eyes, leaned on the sofa, or leaned on the arms of Mr. Howard.

"Honey, is this music very good?" Howard touched Nina's hair and said.

Nina nodded in a daze. "these songs are good for hypnotizing me."

At this point, he totally gave up his plan o

nt. Was he laughing at her?

Are you laughing at me for being uneducated?

"Well, I don't know how to grow vegetables." Murmured Cassie.

"It's okay. I can teach you." Then he went upstairs.

The next day, Howard asked the gardener to clean up the vegetable house. He used a freshly rusted shovel to forge the house, and then he turned the ground of the house over.

The gardener was surprised. Young master had never planted vegetables in the past few years, nor had he let others touch this land. Now he wanted to grow vegetables on a whim?

He asked his gardener to buy a lot of vegetable seedling. In high spirits, he asked Cassie to lead Wesley and Melissa to work.

As for Wesley, he was having fun in the clearing. Melissa shoved her knife to the other side.

The most painful thing for Cassie was avenge. She felt that his weight was more than a thousand pounds when she held the shovel. Her hand quickly grinding calluses. After she planted for a short while, she had had enough.

In order to escape from digging the vegetables, Cassie closed her eyes and fainted.

Such a long time of growing vegetables had finally come to an end.

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