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   Chapter 200 the birth of Cassie

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At that time, Cassie had returned home. It was the poorest place in a city, where the words were written everywhere.

As soon as she entered the house, Cassie threw her phone to her mother.

"Well, my daughter is back? I thought you had forgotten me. " Cassie's mother, Amanda, said in a voice dripping with sarcasm.

"If I don't come back, will I die outside?" Replied Cassie sourly, sitting on the edge of the bed.

"You wicked girl, how could you talk to me like that?" "I heard Spark's mom say you're rich. Look! Is this a phone you bought for your mom? That's great! Mommy has never used such a great phone! " After a pause, she continued, "but you said you have money, but you refused to spend it on me. How could you treat me like this?"

"What do I want to do for you? To gamble?" Said Cassie.

"Then how can you give it to Spark? Don't you know that Spark's mother is always bragging that you have earned a lot of money and will be their daughter-in-law sooner or later? " "You're such a disappointing girl. You always know how good a man is. I don't know how hard it is for mom to bring you up."

"You want money, right?" Cassie asked.

"Yes." "Give me a small amount. It doesn't need much. One hundred thousand is enough."

"I don't have much money left. Spark just used up all my money. Ten thousand is not enough for me." Cassie dragged his backpack and took out ten thousand cash.

She stretched out her hands to hold it, thinking that she should bear it in mind.

"Wait." "I haven't finished my words yet," said Cassie, holding up the money high

"Good girl, say it." Amanda looked up at the money in her hand greedily.

"Open the album and see if you know the man," she said, pointing at her phone

"No problem. Who is it?" She clicked on the phone.

"Cassie, are you kidding me? It's your pictures everywhere!" Amanda complained.

Cassie knew that all her mother saw were pictures of Nina. She didn't have her own photos on the phone.

"Look down." Said Cassie.

Amanda continued to pull her hands, without uttering a single word.

"Why do you stop?" Cassie asked.

"How did you know that?" Amanda said bitterly.

"You have the nerve to ask that. Thanks to you, I know I'm an illegitimate child since I was a child. Okay?"

"It's okay now. What else do you want to ask?"

"What else should I ask? I feel it unfair. Why do you become a mistress and why don't I have a father... " "It's all your fault. Why should I bear the consequence? I hate you!" she shouted angrily

"I was young and did something wrong." Amanda stammered.

"Why are you being so nice? If you are capable, why don't you go and make trouble? Why are you being such a mistress! The more Cassie spoke, the angrier she became. she picked up her phone and smashed it on the floor.

"Alas, it's too expensive. "My heart aches.

"It's just a broken phone? I'm rich. I don't care for this broken phone. Tell me the man's name, and I'll have him raped. " Cassie's hair was disheveled. she roared like a lunatic.

"It has been

bout to go back to the Hua family's house, a person suddenly ran out of the beautiful flowers on the roadside.

"What?" Someone covered his mouth.

The man in the red robe replied in a low voice, "I'm Spark, Cassie. Don't yell like that. If we are caught by someone, we will be over."

Cassie didn't dare to make a sound.

She remembered that Spark had bought a cool BMW with the money of Cassie, but today he actually came by bike.

After they left the gate of the Hua family, Cassie got rid of Spark's hand.

"Spark, where is your car?" Said Cassie angrily.

"Someone stole it." Spark pulled a long face.

"You lied to me. Were you in the gambling?"

"Why did you ask since you knew it?" Spark said. "Now I have no money left, so I come here for you."

"Spark, you bastard. I tell you, I have no money at all." Then she turned around and left.

All of a sudden, Spark took out a dagger and put it against Cassie's waist. "Cassie, don't ever put on a fucking face in front of me. Do you think I don't know how rich Howard is? He's just like a money machine, never stopping. You'd better listen to me, or I'll cut you into pieces."

Spark threatened.

"I'm just a nanny of the Hua family," Cassie said in a trembling voice.

"What the hell are you doing? I heard the wimpy kid call you mommy. What's wrong with you? You've become a rich man now and forget your ex boyfriend? " Spark threatened.

Looking at Spark's twisted face, Cassie was frightened.

"Spark, if you expose our identity, it won't do us any good. If you want money, let me go now."

Spark laughed grimly. "I won't destroy my cash machine, but I won't let you go. I will kidnap you and let Mr. Howard save people with money."

"Aren't you afraid that you will lose both your wealth and your person at last?" Cassie said with resentment.

"I'm not afraid of anything as long as you are with me. So, please cooperate with me. We can have a good life." After he finished speaking, he put away Cassie's phone and took her to a hidden place.

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