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   Chapter 199 sneaky trick

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Howard remembered that Nina liked watching a lot of TV, very complex. She liked playing basketball, watching American movies, watching Korean drama, and watching

Hearing her words, Howard frowned. Why did he think of Nina again.

"I'd like to call you young master." Said Cassie.

"Why don't you listen to me? Don't call me master, okay?" Howard growled.

Cassie was so scared that the apple in her hand fell to the ground. "Yes, master."

Hearing what Cassie said, Howard was very annoyed. Although he had tried his best to accept and get along with Cassie, he was still vexed and put into a mess when he thought of Nina.

He threw the remote control away and kneaded his eyebrows annoyingly, "I'm tired. I'll go to sleep. You can read it yourself."

"Yes." Cassie replied in a trembling voice.

Taking two steps forward, Howard suddenly turned around.

But he saw that Cassie sat upright like a puppet.

"In fact, you don't have to be so afraid of me." Howard said patiently.

"Yes, sir!"

Howard gnashed his teeth in hatred. Couldn't Cassie say anything else except this word?

He was so terrible that he frightened her like this?

Howard couldn't understand. They were both women and they looked almost the same. Why wasn't Nina afraid of him at all? Why was Cassie so afraid of him!

It's so boring.

He went upstairs sulkily.

He saw the housemaid was trying to mediate the conflict between Wesley and Melissa.

Wesley retorted with a frown. He insisted on his idea that Melissa had cheated on him and that he had to accept a punishment, which was, he couldn't sleep in the same room with Melissa tonight.

Melissa made an apology to Wesley, hoping that he would forgive her.

The servants had been sweating because of the torture.

The servant answered, "this is' Rock Paper scissors', and I will listen to the one who wins."

But Melissa never win Wesley.

"Okay," Wesley agreed

Melissa could do nothing but raise her fists with her mouth pouted.

In the last three rounds, Melissa won twice unexpectedly.

Melissa kissed Wesley on the cheek and said cheerfully, "Wesley, you need to listen to me. I want to sleep with you."

After a short pause, Wesley said, "okay. I promise I'll sleep with you, but I don't want to bathe you."

Wesley opened the door to the bathroom and locked the housemaids and Melissa out.

Amanda was so anxious that she cried and knocked on the door of the bathroom with her little hands.

But Wesley didn't listen to her, just sat there still.

It was not until Melissa fell asleep outside that Wesley opened the door and walked out of the bathroom.

he roared at the servant, "why didn't you take her to the bed?"

"But Melissa wants to sleep with you." The servant answered perplexedly. She had been grinning a lot tonight.

She said to Melissa, "Miss Melissa, shall we go to another bathroom to take a shower? We have the biggest bathroom and a massage bathtub, okay? "

Melissa rejected, "no way."

"Then we don't take a shower but go to sleep, OK?"

"No, not good." Melissa added stubbornly, "I want to bathe with Wesley. He's sleeping in my arms."

She kept shouting until she fell asleep.

"Take Melissa to my room." Wesley demanded as he wiped the water

ar, and it was because she wanted to show her low-key.

During the morning briefing, Howard found that someone went to Nina's room, but he didn't tell others about it this time. Last time, he blamed the servants for something, so this time, Wesley might still be taken care of.

"Mr. Howard, last night, I found a ray of light on the third floor..." Originally, Bob wanted to remind Howard of something.

"What did you see?" He looked relaxed without any worries.

Without evidence, Bob didn't dare to talk nonsense.

"No, I just met Cassie last night. She went to see if the kids had gone to bed. It was already 2 a.m." Added Bob.

"What? Huh Since Cassie always cares about the baby, she should be fine. " At this moment, Howard was not vigilant of Cassie at all. In the past five years, if Cassie wanted to do something, she could have done it earlier. she didn't have to wait till now, did she?

"Yes." Bob had no choice but to accept his suggestion.

"Wake up Wesley and Melissa. Cassie left in a hurry this morning. It seems that he really misses home," Said Howard.

"Yes, sir. I'll go get Wesley and Melissa." Said Bob.

"By the way, isn't it a good idea? What do you think of Cassie?" Howard suddenly asked.

At a loss what to do, Bob answered, "not bad."

Sometimes people couldn't figure out what he meant, but he wouldn't say that easily.

"What if she becomes Wesley's mom?"

It had never crossed his mind that Howard would ask such a tough question. He smiled awkwardly, "in the past few years, it seems that I have been taking the role of Wesley's mother."

"You're right. Wesley is a naughty boy. I shouldn't have blamed her." Said Howard.

Bob wanted to tell him that since we had paid her a lot, how could she have been difficult!

"You mean to marry her?"

"I still need to think about it. After all, she has been working here for five years." Howard lit a cigarette and touched his chin with worry.

"This is a serious matter. Young master, you must be careful!" Bob said cautiously.

Hearing his words, Howard murmured, "Nina is no longer alive. It doesn't matter who I marry."

Hearing what Howard said, Bob's heart sank.

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