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   Chapter 198 don't talk nonsense

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After going back to the ward, Howard was thinking about something more and more wrong. No matter who she had met in the corridor just now, she even whispered. He asked her twice, but she did not speak. What happened?

What's more, when he squatted down, what did he see? His face looked so familiar. Was it like Nina?

Then he turned around and walked out, but the woman had gone in the corridor.

Howard looked around the ward in a hurry, but he didn't find the woman just now.

He came to the in-patient department and wanted to check the record, but unfortunately, there was no such record about that woman's age group on this floor.

Maybe she just came here to keep patient company.

But what he didn't understand was that he had a feeling that Nina was by his side recently.

Was it because he missed his baby Nana too much, or Had she really come back?

Howard smiled with self mockery. How could it be possible? If Nina was still alive, how could she disappear in five years?

Even if she didn't miss him, she definitely did. After all, her son was the apple of her eye!

Nina just had a cold. There was no other ward downstairs, so she was arranged in the heart department.

Besides, she was sent here by the emergency room. So she didn't stay in hospital at all. How could she get the impatient record!

Even though Howard didn't find Nina, he still felt very uneasy.

When he came back home, he saw Wesley sitting on the sofa sullenly.

Melissa sat aside and played with herself.

It was rare to see such a scene. Normally, if Howard came back, Melissa would pounce on him and give him a kiss, and Wesley would laugh at her for her sentimentality.

But Melissa seemed to be a good girl and she bowed her head to continue playing with her toys.

Besides, Wesley didn't see any expression on his face when he walked into the ward.

"Melissa, what's wrong with Wesley?" Howard held up Melissa and asked.

Melissa didn't say anything but shook her head.

"Oh, I see. I guess I did a little exercise today. That's why I was scolded by the gym teacher. Am I right?"

Melissa shook her head and answered, "no, she isn't a coach. She is a pretty girl."

Wesley suddenly yelled, "Melissa, don't talk nonsense!"

Melissa was too scared to make a sound.

"Cassie--" called Howard.

"Mr. Howard is back." Then, Cassie ran out of the kitchen.

"You don't have to cook for yourself. You can ask the servants to do it." Howard said flatly.

"Not at all. I like cooking." Said Cassie.

"Come and sit down." Howard sat down on the sofa and patted the side.

It had never happened before. Without knowing which seat Cassie was sitting at!

Then she sat down next to him.

"Cassie, how were Wesley and Melissa doing in the gym today?" Howard asked.

"Not bad! Wesley is obedient and Melissa is obedient too. " Said Cassie.

"Wesley doesn't like it, does he?" Although he hoped that Wesley was as strong and strong as he was, he didn't want to force him to protect his children if th

h her.

She couldn't help feeling happy when she thought of the admiring eyes of her neighbors.

But she was also afraid that if her mother spilled the beans about what had happened between her and Spark, things would be troublesome.

So she smiled and said, "no, I'll be back soon."

She touched Wesley's head and said softly, "Wesley, be a good boy at home."

Wesley didn't say anything. He was wearing an indifferent expression.

"Wesley?" Howard said unhappily.

Wesley rolled his eyes. "I want to take a bath and go to bed."

he stood up and went upstairs.

Melissa dropped her toy and followed after him. "I'll bathe with Wesley too."

Wesley stopped and glared at her. "Melissa, you can't be with me tonight. What did you say to my dad? Have you forgotten how I told you? I was... "

Wesley went straight upstairs.

"I said something wrong..." Melissa felt wronged and cried.

She didn't mean it, okay?

But people always say that it's not a good thing to lie. Therefore, when Howard asked her, she said that Wesley was bullied by a girl.

She was telling the truth, but Wesley had told her not to.

What should I do? Wesley ignores me. What should I do? '?

But I like Wesley, 'she thought.

"Wesley, I was wrong. Please forgive me." Melissa followed him closely.

Once Wesley stopped, Melissa followed him.

Just when Cassie was about to get up and help the two kids to mediate, Howard shook his head at her.

He thought that the children's problem should be solved by themselves. The adults should not underestimate their own abilities to deal with things.

"I'm worried that they might have a fight." Cassie said with worry.

"Don't worry. The servants will take care of them." He turned on the TV and asked, "what do you like to watch? I want to watch with you for a while."

"I'll watch whatever Mr. Howard likes," Cassie said carefully, with a red face.

"You don't have to call me master. Just call my name." Howard turned on the TV and picked up a Korean drama.

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