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   Chapter 197 they passed by each other

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When Cassie saw Nina's pale face, she couldn't help saying something. If that was the case, she'd better leave as soon as possible.

"Okay, I hope you'll come tomorrow. I'm okay without a bath." Said Nina. She wanted to see Wesley. Although Wesley didn't like her, she was happy to see him.

She didn't expect that one day he would call her Mommy. As long as she grew up healthy and happy, it would be a kind of happiness!

Wesley glared at Tessa before he left angrily. Tessa didn't want to show the white feather, so she made a face at Wesley.

Wesley paused and remarked, "you're ugly. Uglier than the ugly monster."

Tessa shook his little head and said, "you're so bad, even worse than your dad."

Nina covered Tessa's mouth in a hurry.

"Wesley, let's go," Cassie said, taking his hand

Wesley snorted and walked away.

Gazing at Wesley's back, Nina couldn't hold back her tears anymore.

"Mommy, why are you crying?" Tessa wiped the tears for her with her small hands.

Although Mommy sometimes was very stupid, she was strong and would never cry. Why did she cry today?

Nina held her Tessa tightly. Her heart was like being stabbed by a knife, and the pain was indescribable.

"Mommy, good girl, Mommy won't cry and won't be angry with you." Tessa pouted and almost burst into tears.

"Mrs. Nina..." The fitness coach gave Nina a bag of tissue.

"Thank you." Said Nina.

"You're welcome. You'd better go back to your office. I'll clean up here." The fitness coach fetched a mop and it was difficult to clean the garden because the floor was made of the best soft materials in case of hurting the children. So the water was easy to seep in.

"Thank you." Said Nina.

"It's okay," The coach smiled.

"I hope you won't tell anyone about what happened today,"

The coach nodded and said, "rest assured, Mrs. Nina."

She couldn't focus on her work and went home with Tessa.

She still wouldn't like to do anything.

"Mommy, are you sick?" Tessa tried on Nina's forehead with her little hand.

"My baby, Mommy is fine." Nina replied in a weak voice.

she felt bitter inside but didn't speak it out!

Tessa brought a glass of water to her and said, "Mommy, uncle asked you to drink more water when you're cold, and you'll get better soon."

Nina forced a smile, stood up and drank the water.

"Good girl, play for a while by yourself. Let mommy have a rest, okay?" She handed the empty glass to Tessa.

"Yes, yes." Tessa got down from the bed with a glass, took out a thermometer from the first aid kit, walked to the bedside and put it under Nina's armpit.

Nina smiled happily. Sure enough, a daughter is considerate.

Nina fell asleep.

After a while, Tessa stood beside Nina and took the thermometer from under her armpit.

Gavin took a look at the thermometer and said, "mommy has a fever, Mommy..."

Said Tessa, shaking Nina.

Today, Nina was also in a hurry, so she caught a cold. After all, she was overwhelmed with sadness and joy today.

Nina vaguely heard Tessa calling her name, so she was sleepy and answered, "yes.".

"My God! Mommy is having a fever, she is confused!" Tessa rubbed the eyelids of Nina, but she still didn't wake up.

Tessa was worried. She had never experienced such th

e words she had learned to praise the old lady!

Nina looked back and smiled, "I know."

She believed that the woman who had left a good impression on her daughter must be nice.

Nina walked into several wards to look for her, and then she saw Howard walking out of one of the wards.

Fortunately, with his back to her, Howard would see Nina when he turned around.

But how could she escape!

Nina squatted down hurriedly with hands over her head.

Meanwhile, Howard came over.

He stood beside Nina and said, "this..."

He couldn't see Nina's face, nor could he tell her age by her appearance, so he didn't know whether she should call him Madam or miss.

But she was so thin as if she had never given birth.

So he asked, "Miss, are you okay? Do you need my help? "

Nina was so scared that she lowered her head and said nothing. If she kept silent, others would see through her lie!

"Miss, do you need me to help you to your ward?" Howard raised his voice.

Nina saw the shining black leather shoes of Howard move closer to her, and then he squatted down.

Oh my God! How unlucky!

Just when Nina thought she couldn't avoid it, Andrea's voice came. "Howard, your father is going to the bathroom."

"Oh, coming." Howard stood up and said, "you are so inexplicable. If you are not ill, don't squat in the corridor."

As Howard's displeased voice faded away, Nina looked up, sweat streaming down her face.

It turned out that Mrs. Andrea was Tessa's grandmother. There were so many coincidences in the world!

Why don't you just leave!

Nina stood up and ran into the ward as fast as she could.

Seeing that the glass was still in her hand, Tessa asked curiously, "Mommy, is the glass still in your hand?"

Nina said as she waved the glass in her hand, "the old lady said that she wanted me to keep the glass as a souvenir."

Tessa said happily, "really? We're leaving. I'll go and tell granny about it. "

Oh, my God! My dear daughter, please don't make any trouble for me. You can't see this old woman!

"Let's go home. Mommy's cooking for you," said Nina, grabbing Tessa's arm

Coaxed and cajoled by Nina finally calmed Tessa down.

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