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   Chapter 192 looking for Dad

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"Tessa, do you really think it's good to compete with mommy for existence?" Said Nina seriously.

"My stupid Mommy, didn't you notice that you were so nervous that you almost couldn't walk? If I were not so cute, I would not sell my face! But mom, you are the top leader of this small company. Even if you are nervous, it should be your men who are nervous in front of you. It shouldn't be them. "

When Tessa got off the car just now, she found that her mother's hand was trembling, and there was a lot of sweat on it. Therefore, she was sure that her mother was very nervous, so she decided to save her.

But now she was blaming her. Humph!

Tessa sat on the sofa in a rage!

Speaking of which, Nina didn't look like a mother at all.

What Tessa said was right.

"Cough Okay, thank you. But I have to work now. You can play for a while by yourself, okay? " Nina unfolded the files.

When Nina came in, she found that many fitness rooms in the company were empty. The equipment in them were brand new and new. It seemed that not many kids came to exercise. So what were so many employees busy with?

What's more, since the company has been established for a period of time and a certain size, why it has no influence in the city at all? In addition, there were not many kids who came to the gym!

All of these indicated that their company was not very capable of advertising!

Rain did not directly manage these small companies, so the company's manager did not make much effort.

Nina rubbed her shoulders. The problem was how much achievement she had made!

"Mommy, you have to make it clear that you don't play with me when you are busy with work, but you seldom play with me, so I've learned to play by myself!" Tessa murmured in a small voice. Then she went out of the office.

What a lovely girl! Nina shook her head.

Anyhow, it was great to have Tessa to accompany her!

Nina read the information for a while and then called her assistant in.

"Mrs. Nina, are you looking for me?"

Mrs. Wu was a woman in her thirties. Although she was not pretty, she had a good temperament. The polite smile on her face was so decent that it made everyone feel strange.

"Mrs. Wu, please sit down." Then she called her secretary to bring two cups of coffee here.

"You're welcome, Mr. Nina." Mrs. Wu was a little nervous.

"It's my pleasure. I'm new here and not familiar with the business. Besides, I haven't engaged in this field before." Uh huh. She crossed her hands and thought for a while. "I don't think our company has any influence in a city. How did it operate for such a long time?"

Mrs. Wu frowned in embarrassment.

"What? Is it hard to tell?" Asked Nina in a cold voice.

"No, Mr. Nina. Here is the thing. Our children gym has been founded for many years, but we haven't done much business for a long time. Here is just an empty name. There is a mysterious person occasionally living here for a few days, and then he left. It was not until a few days ago that the general manager of our children gym died inexplicably that it began to work. Specifically, we children gym don't know.


It even had an auditory hallucination. Hearing it, Nina said, "honey, beggar, come back. I miss you."

Hearing that, Howard's eyes became moist. He answered, "yes, I'm back. But where have you been? Tell me, where did you go? "

There was no answer.

It was Nina's parents who heaved a sigh.

Howard took a deep breath. He couldn't let Gavin and Sophia feel his sadness, because they were the ones who had suffered the loss of their loved ones, which was no less than him.

Several times, Howard wanted to take Cassie with him, but he didn't know whether it was hurt or comforting for the two old people.

Howard couldn't help but sigh.

During the dinner, Gavin said, "Howard, you're already thirty years old. It's time for you to have a family."

"Don't worry. Wesley and I are on good terms," Said Howard.

"You don't have to worry about us. We also want you to live a happy life." Sophia had hated Mr. Howard, but it had been so many years. Besides, Mr. Howard had taken good care of them.

"Yes, Howard has the right person, take her here and let us have a look." It's said that Mr. Gavin and Mrs. Sophia had heard that Mr. Howard was engaged to another woman. They thought that Mr. Howard didn't tell them because he was afraid that they would be sad.

And Mr. Gavin and Mrs. Sophia had also said that since Nina had passed away, it was unfair to let Mr. Howard marry someone else.

While eating, Cassie's name came to his mind.

"Yes. I'll bring some more suitable people here." Said Howard.

On their way back, Howard was sitting in the car and smoking for a long time.

he drove on the street aimlessly.

His mind was in a mess. Wesley couldn't leave Cassie, and he had sex with Cassie, so he should be responsible for her.

But what if Nina came back?

When the plane crashed, they did not find Nina's body, and of course, there were several people missing. Although everyone knew that it might be the explosion of the plane to blow up people, but sometimes, Howard felt that Nina was still alive.

But he didn't know where to find her.

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