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   Chapter 190 The first meeting

Speak Softly Love By Lou Yu Characters: 10388

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Nina had stayed in the dining chair for two hours. She really didn't know what she would face when she came back to China?

But the yearning for her son was the strongest. Looking from afar was still much better than seeing no one missing her.

Besides, Howard had already been engaged and might have already forgotten her.

She thought that she should start over.

Tessa had already packed up two large suitcases. She was very excited, as if she could find her father as soon as she went to China.

Nina didn't sleep well the whole night. She fell asleep when it was almost dawn.

But she had been woken up by Tessa a long time ago.

"Mommy, don't be lazy. The sun is on your buttocks. Well, get up and have breakfast!" Tessa crawled into the bed and pinched Nina's nose.

Hearing this, Nina opened her eyes and said, "Tessa, you're so excited. You made breakfast for us!"

Tessa was good at cooking, but she was easy to do it. When she met Nina and she didn't want to do it, they just cut rock paper scissors. They didn't know how to play the game, but the one who lost was always Nina.

Therefore, Nina was often called "stupid" by Tessa. Once she slept late, Tessa would call her "lazy mommy" back.

It made Nina very mad. When she couldn't stand it, she would shout, "Tessa, listen to me. I'm not stupid. If I'm stupid, how can I have a daughter as smart as you?"

"Stupid Mommy, don't you know that I'm clever because of your stupidity?" Tessa said with a giggle

Nina was speechless!

Turning over, she asked, "honey, what's for breakfast?"

"Roast chicken, salad and bread, and..." Nina jumped off the bed before Tessa finished her words.

"Oh my God! Tessa, can't you make a roast chicken?" Nina ran downstairs without shoes.

Tessa rolled her eyes at her clumsy mommy and said, "you're really a clumsy Mommy. It's true that your mommy's skin was burnt twice, so she has gained experience this time. It's impossible that your skin will still be burnt."

Therefore, when Tessa came to the dining room, she saw Nina was devouring the roast chicken in her hands.

"Babe, do you remember that you like eating roasted chicken? I bought some vegetables and radishes for you every day," Seeing a chicken was about to be eaten up by her mommy, Tessa reached out her hand.

Then Nina handed the roast chicken to Tessa and said, "my little baby, of course mommy has kept it for you."

No, absolutely not. The main reason was that she was afraid that her teeth would fall off if Tessa tried to take them back?

Nina thought to herself, 'I don't understand why Tessa likes roast chicken as she is so fat?

Then she turned to Tessa and Tessa answered, "you silly Mommy, this is called 'inherited'. Do you understand?"

What a smart baby! It seemed that Nina was wrong.

Alas, this is the consequence of eating vegetables every day!

"By the way, Mommy, uncle just called and said that he would not drive us to the airport. He asked us to go by ourselves." Tessa said while wiping the oil from her hands.

"Are you sure it's uncle, not you?" The

room, Howard was having his tea. He didn't know why he liked drinking tea recently.

A few days ago, Cassie went to Tibet. She said that seeing the sky was her dream when she was a child.

The next few days would be the day for her to go back. Wesley and Bob went to the airport to pick her up. Now the car was ringing outside, so Howard guessed that they might be back.

Howard didn't move. He just looked out.

At this time, Bob walked in with Wesley, followed by Cassie.

"She's back," replied Howard indifferently

I didn't have any feelings for her in the past three years. I just felt happy that Wesley likes her, 'he thought.

However, the second year after Cassie came, Max and Ethan left the Hua family. Melissa stayed with Wesley these days, reluctant to leave.

In fact, Howard was unwilling to let them leave his home, but Ethan told him that their mission had been accomplished and that they should go back home to live their own life. What's more, they should have a baby. Therefore, Melissa stayed at the Hua family.

Since they talked so much, Howard couldn't say anything more. he had to agree.

After they left, Cassie spent more money unscrupulously.

Howard didn't think too much about it. He just thought that Cassie had said that there was not a good condition at home, so she might use the money to fill her belly.

What Howard didn't know was that it didn't cost a lot of money since Cassie was just a mother in this city.

The person asking Cassie for money was not anyone else, but her ex-boyfriend, Spark.

When Spark learned that Cassie was in the Hua family, he treated her as a money machine. As long as she refused to give him money, he threatened her and told Howard that they had been together.

Of course, Cassie was afraid that her plan would be brought to light. Her good days would be gone forever, so she could only satisfy Spark's conditions.

She didn't expect that Spark's appetite was getting bigger and bigger, and he had a bad habit of gambling.

Cassie didn't dare to speak it out.

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