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   Chapter 185 she looks like Nina

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Wesley was always serious about work.

Besides, it was a big deal for him to look for his mommy.

He wouldn't let Howard, Ethan and Max go with him. He would let Andrea go with him.

"You talk too much. Grandma is the sweetest and most obedient."

In this way, Andrea accompanied Wesley to the street.

He always dragged Andrea wherever there were so many people.

He took the portrait of Nina and looked around.

There was no doubt that Andrea liked Nina. However, she was also sad when Nina was absent, so she cried a lot in secret.

As a result, she doted on Wesley more.

She certainly didn't hope to gain something in the street. Nina was not here. Where could she find?

But seeing Wesley adore his mom so much, she didn't say anything. She just wished that Wesley could grow up as fast as he could and gradually forget her.

Wesley was disappointed. He had looked for Nina for a whole day, but to no avail.

He sighed and sat on the side of the street. His tender voice was a little hoarse. He talked too much today.

When he met a woman who looked like Nina, he ran to her and asked happily, "are you Nina ?"

Most of the women were stunned, but when they looked down to see that she was a cute little girl, they liked her very much.

She bent over and cupped his face between her fingers and pecked him.

Finally, she said, "Baby, my name is not Nina !"

Wesley thought. He didn't like these women.

He frowned and rubbed his little face.

"Wesley, it's getting dark. Let's go home," Having been out in the alley all day long, Andrea was exhausted.

"Grandma, I haven't found my mom yet," Wesley lowered his head and said with disappointment.

She couldn't help but sigh, "my dear grandson, I'll accompany you to find me tomorrow, okay?"

Wesley nodded his head. It seemed that they had no other choice.

"Let's get on the car and go home." Andrea discussed with Wesley.

"Grandma, Wesley doesn't want to take the car." Wesley seldom hung out on the street like this. It felt good.

There were so many people!

"Grandma, look! That woman's ass is so big!" Wesley laughed, covering his mouth.

She looked up and saw a woman in a yellow tight skirt and black high-heeled shoes ten centimeters high. She walked up and down, twisting her buttocks.

"Oh my God! The girl in front of us has a plump ass, but a little girl is not allowed to see a woman's ass, let alone talking impolitely!" Andrea rubbed Wesley's head and complained.

Andrea's voice was a bit loud, and was heard by the woman walking in front.

She turned around and walked back with her head held high. She stopped in front of Andrea and said, "aunt, don't you know that women have sons?"

"Miss, I'm sorry. I just talked to my grandson..." When Andrea saw the woman standing in front of her, she was stunned with her mouth wide open.

"Nina?" Her mother asked in disbelief.

"What?" the woman raised her eyebrows and said angrily, "you're insane!"

Then she turned around and was about to leave.

Wesley blinked his big eyes, wondering why this woman looked so much l

Ethan opened his eyes wide in disbelief.

"You're right, but she looks so much like Nina. There's even no difference between them!" Said Andrea.

"Is that true, isn't it?" Howard said coldly.

Bob nodded, "yes!"

Howard frowned.

"Dad, shall we get Mommy back?" Wesley raised his head and tugged at Howard's sleeve.

"Boss, I think we should give it a second thought." Ethan reminded him.

"Just go away. Do you want to find a substitute for Nina?" Max opposed.

"Honey, as long as Wesley loves her, it's great," Then, he thought of something and said, "of course, my boss likes her!"

"Dad, you will like mom, right?" Wesley pleaded.

With a cold face, Howard kept silent.

"But that girl..." Andrea knew that although Cassie looked like Nina, she had an opposite temperament. Nina was naturally very simple and learned. She was naughty, but not arrogant and aggressive.

Why didn't she like the woman called Cassie!

"Mom, please don't say that anymore. Wesley, dad has promised you that he will get Mom back for you!" Said Howard.

Andrea wanted to persuade him, but he had already turned away and left.

In his eyes, love was gone. So why couldn't he marry a mother as long as Wesley liked her!

"Damn it! What happened?" Max couldn't help but curse.

"My silly wife, maybe this woman can bring Howard back to his senses! If so, even a replacement of Nina could do it! Even if you don't love him wholeheartedly, Wesley has a mother, right? " But in fact, Ethan had been too busy in the past two years. Not only did Howard not care about the Pluto, but also he was named as the president of Hua group. Therefore, it was Ethan who was in charge of all the little things. As Ethan was not as strong as Howard, he prayed to God every day, "let Howard come to life quickly!"!

But now, there was a woman who looked like Nina. In fact, Ethan thought it was his own pray. Oh, God! He was so unlucky to have such a woman in his life. That was why God sent her here to save Howard!

'finally, my bad days are coming to an end!' thought Ethan!

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