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   Chapter 184 a portrait of Nina

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After Melissa fell asleep, Wesley got out of bed stealthily. He had discovered a secret today.

He heard a strange name, that was, Nina.

Why did Mrs. Max get sad when she mentioned this name!

Besides, their dad looked weird!

Wesley was confused. He knew that he couldn't get into one of the rooms on the third floor. He snuck to the door of that room, but before he took out the key he had prepared, his father found him. That was why he was taken downstairs by him!

He wanted Andrea to give him the key.

Andrea loved Wesley the most. As long as Wesley asked, she would answer without hesitation.

That's why Wesley was able to solve any problem as long as he found his grandma.

He took the key and carefully climbed to the third floor, which was the main bedroom where Nina and Howard had lived after coming back from the countryside.

After he woke up from the coma, he ordered someone to lock this room. There were too many memories between him and Nina in this room.

Every summer, it was the second season in the countryside. Howard would go to the countryside many times. He had already bought the house he and Nina rented, and the decoration of it remained the same.

In his mind, Howard was still waiting for Nina!

As for how Andrea got the key, it was simple. It was just that she took off the key when her son Howard was drunk.

Wesley opened the door quietly and turned on the lights. Today dad has drunk wine, he won't wake up so soon.

The room was clean with the scent of flowers!

He didn't want no one to live here.

While speaking, Howard would come to this room to stay for a while if he miss Nina.

It seemed that only in this way, the pain in his heart would be alleviated a little.

But on the contrary, the memories with Nina stabbed into his heart like a sharp knife, making him overwhelmed with sorrow.

The extreme pain made him numb!

Regardless of the pain, he tried his best to recall the past.

Wesley searched for information about the name, Nina, everywhere.

Suddenly he saw the computer in his office.

He was a genius!

Wesley turned on his computer.

'well, I forgot to set any password on it.'.

Wesley noticed a picture folder on the desk, and opened it without hesitation.

Oh, so many photos inside!

Oh, why was the woman in the photo so big with a belly? However, she was so beautiful, and the man who was holding her behind or next to her looked like his father!

No, it must be his father!

Wesley rubbed his eyes and wondered, 'is this my mom? Was I still in her belly at that time?'?

These photos were taken when both Nina and Howard were living in the countryside. Although they were tired at that time, they lived a happy life. Both of them were very happy, so they had also taken many beautiful photos during that period.

Wesley had found a photo wh

y's head and said with difficulty, "yes, it's all my fault. I made your mom leave angrily."

He blamed himself for not protecting Nina well.

Max had already lowered his head and shed tears. Honestly, after Nina left, Max had been blaming Howard for not protecting Nina well.

But Max didn't have the heart to see Howard in pain.

"If dad doesn't drink anymore, will mom come back?" Wesley asked, tilting his head.

Choked with sobs, Howard did not answer.

While she spoke, Max saw Howard caressing Wesley with his trembling hand.

"she will, Wesley. Once dad stops drinking, mom will be back," Max said

With a bright smile, Wesley answered, "Dad, you can't drink any more. If you don't drink anymore, I'll take mom home. We'll be a happy family!"

Howard nodded reluctantly.

"Dad, wait a minute. I've drawn a portrait for mom. I'll take it down and see if it's a portrait." Wesley said as he walked up the stairs.

As Ethan was walking towards Howard, he patted heavily on her shoulder and said, "Howard, for the sake of our child stopping drinking, could you please cheer up?"

Howard pressed his thin lips tightly and did not speak.

Could you forget me?

Can you hide Nina in your heart?

Without confidence, Howard was willing to try to do it.

With Nina's portrait in his hand, Wesley ran down the stairs. "Dad, look..."

He held Nina's portrait in one hand.

Now, the three adults downstairs felt their hearts ache and their hearts ached. Wesley's drawing was too much!

"Daddy, I will take this picture to the street to find Mommy in the future, okay?" Wesley asked happily.

This was the wish of the little girl, innocent and beautiful. Who could say no!

"Son, yes!" Howard tried hard to persuade him.

Wesley jumped to his feet cheerfully I can finally see my mommy now... "

He leaped the picture of Nina, and his childish laughter spread through the villa

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