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   Chapter 183 where is Mommy

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Wesley, two-year-old, was unusually smart. He had been a handsome boy, little but rare in the world. He had perfectly inherited the advantages of Nina and Howard. His small face was angled and prominent, and his big eyes were like two black grapes. Anyone who saw him wanted to bite.

He disfigured the toys and put them in different places everyday.

He seemed to be very interested in the military equipment, so he asked Ethan to buy a lot of guns, planes, ships and so on for him.

Every time Melissa called out to Max Mom, Wesley blinked his watery eyes and stared at her. Finally one day, he asked, "Mrs. Max, Wesley's mom?"

Ethan Looking at Max.

"You can call me Mommy," Max said, pulling Wesley into her arms

"No way! you are not Wesley's mother. How can I call you like that? " Wesley shouted.

"boy, when you were a kid, you fed your auntie's breast milk more than Melissa. Why didn't you agree to call her Mommy?" Ethan said that the little boy only took care of Max's milk from his childhood. He found several babysitters for him, but he began to cry when he ate, and when he was anxious, he bit others' breasts hard.

So, out of options, Max could only allow her daughter to suckle on Wesley's milk.

"I don't want to call you mom. I will marry Melissa when I grow up. How can I call you mom?" Wesley said seriously and kissed Melissa on the cheek.

Melissa asked innocently, "what is 'marry'?"

"Melissa, you are such a silly girl. As long as I hold you to sleep, you will be my wife!" Wesley said.

Both Ethan and Max were speechless. he was too precocious.

The two kids were playing together. When they got tired, they would go to bed and have a rest together. After a long time, they liked to sleep together when they went to bed.

Because they were young, so they didn't care much.

Now that Wesley told her about this, Max was worried. "Wesley, from now on, you can't sleep on the same bed with Melissa, can you?" she asked

With a frown, Wesley replied peremptorily, "No. Melissa is my wife. I can only sleep in her arms."

Ethan pinched his nose and teased, "you're as bossy as your dad."

"My father?" Wesley asked again.

Ethan and Max looked at each other, and both of them had no idea where Howard was?

he always got drunk and went missing in a few days.

He was having fun with a lot of women these days.

"Your daddy has gone to look for your mommy!" Max said.

"Really?" Wesley asked, blinking his eyes

Hearing that, Max scratched her head. It was true that Howard went out to look for a woman, but it was hard to say whether she could be Wesley's mother or not.

There were countless women around him, but he didn't intend to marry one of them.

Wesley was too smart. If Max talked to him, she had to think twice. She didn't want to embarrass him.

Just as Max did not know how to explain it to Wesley, Howard came in drunk.

"Wesley, ask your dad when he's back," Max said t

ch. We will be together forever."

However, Wesley's face darkened. "Okay, Melissa. We can be together. You can't wet the bed on the bed again. Do you understand?"

Once Wesley woke up and found the sticky body, he turned out to have wet his bed. He ignored the Melissa for several hours.

Melissa said unhappily, "you wet the bed too, Wesley. I didn't blame you even if you peed on my face."

"Now that we're even, we'll make it even. Whoever dares to wet the bed must sleep on the floor." Wesley said.

"I don't know how to wet the bed."

"Well, I'm done with the shower. Let's go back to our room to sleep." Wesley stepped out of the tub. A housemaid wiped the water on his body, and then took Melissa out and dried her.

Melissa looked at Wesley and suddenly burst into laughter.

Wesley wrapped a towel around his waist and snapped, "girls can't take care of their health. You'll have nightmares after that."

Melissa was frightened and covered her eyes with her hands immediately, "I saw nothing!"

Wesley, on the other hand, stared at Melissa with wide eyes.

The servant couldn't help but laugh and said, "young master, why do you say so?"

The servant put the pajamas on Melissa. Since ancient times, women were afraid of watching the naked body, but now in young master's mouth, it's the body of a man!

This little girl grew up in an aggressive and powerful state, just like the person, Howard!

A housemaid helped Wesley and Melissa go to bed.

Melissa asked Wesley to read stories. Wesley knew more characters than Melissa did. He had been a good and unforgettable boy since he was a child, so he was different from the other children of his age.

Melissa fell asleep in Wesley's babyish voice. With a bright smile, she rested her hand on Wesley's chest.

Every time the servants saw this scene, they felt very warm.

I'm looking forward to the day when the little girls grow up and spend the rest of their lives with each other! '!

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