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   Chapter 173 it's snowing

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Time flied. Nina had been pregnant for seven months. She began to prepare clothes for the babies. The winter came, and the countryside wind was colder than the city.

Howard bought charcoal fire and tried not to keep Nina out.

Nina found that there were several small scars on his hand, and she was a little sad. "Your hand, Mr. Howard?"

"I just want to cut the branches and stay cool." Howard said.

It was from Nina. She said, "thank you, Mr. Howard."

Sitting on the bedside, Howard rubbed Nina's hair and said gently, "don't be silly again. For the sake of our children and you, I won't feel tired at all."

Nina put a scarf around Howard's neck and took out a pair of gloves, "my work is not very good, but it can help to resist the cold."

With a joking tone, Howard said, "honey, why do I feel that we are so close to miss seven beauties and Bernal Dong?"

"I'm not as capable as the seven maidens. I don't have many sisters to help you." Said Nina shyly.

Howard held Nina's face and said, "honey, have you forgiven me?"

"Of course not! You have lied to me so many times. I won't forgive you until our babies are born and you apologize to me in front of them. At that time, I will consider whether I should forgive you or not. " Although Nina said so, she gradually didn't resent him so much during the time they lived together.

Especially when she saw Howard were so tired.

"You are such a stubborn girl." Howard smiled recklessly.

Then, Nina pulled back the quilt and said, "stop talking. It's warmer now."

"Honey, it seems to snow outside the window." Howard looked out of the window and saw the snow through the mist covered window.

Nina looked out of the window immediately. Yes, it was. A large snowflake floating in the air like cotton. It was very beautiful.

"Mr. Howard, if it snows harder, can we make snowmen?" Nina asked in surprise.

"Of course you can! I'll make four packets. You, me and our two babies." Lowering his head, Howard said happily, "honey, do you hear that?"

"Mr. Howard, do you think our baby will be a boy and a girl? Or boys or girls? " Asked Nina.

After thinking for a while, Howard answered, "it's a boy and a girl. The girl looks like you, and the boy looks like me. I'll buy lots of dolls for our little princess. Of course, I'll take my little prince to play basketball. Honey, let me tell you a secret. When I was in college, I was the famous basketball prince. At that time, all the girls in the school were obsessed with me. Do you believe it? "

"Who the hell would believe that?" Although Nina said so, Howard was such a perfect man. Women always went around him when they were in college, and it was still the same now, wasn't it?

So, sometimes, Nina couldn't figure out why she, who was usually unnoticed in the crowd, was liked by him!

"Mr. Howard, if I'm pregnant with twins, what name are you going to give them?" Asked Nina.

"I've been thinking about this for a long time. If you're really carrying

t the Hua tycoon was in trouble, and the Hua group and the Mei group had been bound up for a long time. Ethan, you must find a way to bring Howard back to me.

No matter what, it was a compromise for Allen to have such an intention. But for the sake of his power and dignity, he couldn't just tell Howard directly.

But it was too much for him to solve by himself!

After thinking it over, Ethan decided to ask Andrea for help.

Then, he drove directly to the Hua family.

It was cold. Andrea was still playing with the flowers in the greenhouse in the garden.

Carlos wouldn't come out under such weather.

"Hello, Mrs. Andrea," Ethan greeted her as he walked into the garden house

"Here you are." Said Andrea without looking at him.

She knew that in the stalemate between Mr. Howard and Mr. Allen, it would be Mr. Allen who compromised first. And that was why she was not in a hurry these months.

She knew that Howard was the Hua family's only biological son.

Now that Ethan came to look for her, the Hua group must be in trouble.

"Auntie, grandpa has almost finished the acquisition of my group." "Brother, tell me all your troubles.".

"I'm just a housewife. I don't know much about the business." Andrea said calmly.

Andrea was a person who turned a blind eye to business, but she knew exactly why.

"Auntie, don't push me so hard. If the Hua group is in trouble, my life will not be easy. Now you finally come up with a compromise idea. Auntie, you know Mr. Howard is as stubborn as a stone. Please lower yourself. Let's make peace with him. " Ethan pleaded.

Andrea put down the shower head and glanced at Ethan. "What a smart boy!"

"Aunt, I am also a pitiful person. I really don't know what to do now." Said Ethan.

Andrea wiped her hands and said, "Okay, I'll go to England later."

"I knew you wouldn't stand by. I'll find Bob for you now." Ethan happily went to find Bob. As long as Andrea was willing to do it, Mr. Howard would come back soon.

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