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   Chapter 172 refusal (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-02-14 00:33

It was an experience that Ethan had never experienced. After he was drunk to death, he also felt the terrible consequences of indulgence. Not only did he not get out of bed the next day, but he was actually unable to move for three days.

There was no way that Ethan would just put up with the physical suffering rather than let Max solve it for him.

However, sometimes Ethan would be happy when he remembered that night.

Right, it was indeed a very lucky thing to marry a wife as a lover, especially for a playboy like Ethan.

As for the matter of the Hua Group's purchase, no one could solve it except for ask for Howard.

It was not easy for him to understand what was in Allen's mind, and that was why he didn't agree with Nina to ask the Liang clan for money. Allen had known that the Liang clan was founded by Howard through his investment and that the relationship between Nina and Howard was relieved. If the Liang clan helped them now, Allen would definitely destroy the Liang clan.

To Howard's great surprise, his grandfather even intended to acquire the Mei group because of the tens of thousands of cash that Ethan had given him.

Ethan took him as his grandfather.

"Boss, please think of a way!" In case that Nina would be stressed out after she knew it, Ethan asked Howard to go out from his rented house.

From the furtive look of Ethan, it was obvious that Nina had known something.

She followed and hid in the doorway.

Leaning against the car, Howard kept smoking.

"Howard, I've put a lot of efforts into the Mei Group. It was bought over by

time went on, sad and happy feelings filled in their hearts. Soon, news came that the Hua group was bought by the Hua tycoon.

Then Ethan just stayed at home and didn't go out. Instead, he stayed at home to keep Max company.

He knew that if he wanted to get the Mei group back to him, he had to wait until Mr. Allen and Mr. Howard made a compromise to each other.

He also hoped that the day would come soon, but it was too difficult for Mr. Howard to make a compromise to Grandpa because of his bad temper, and it would be hard even for Mr. Allen to make a compromise to him. After all, he was at an old age, it would be a little awkward if he made a concession to Howard.

Howard's request was simple. As long as the Hua family accepted Nina, he would go back.

The requirement of Allen was simple. As long as Howard gave up Nina, everything would be fine.

But this is a fast knot, which is hard to solve.

Ethan didn't know what to do.

But Max didn't care too much about that. She was happy that Ethan accompanied her at home every day.

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