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   Chapter 171 refusal (Part One)

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As time went by, Nina's belly became bigger and bigger. After field cooking, Howard became busier.

What had he been doing?

he was busy communicating with the baby in Nina's belly.

In the spare time, Nina sat on the sofa or laid on the bed. Sometimes, even Howard would come forward and make small talks with the babies.

For example, did the babies behave themselves today? I'm your father. Are you full today? And he was also playing all kinds of songs for the babies.

Even though Nina didn't know whether the children liked it when Howard whistled at them, she did like it when he whistled at them.

Especially when Howard was blowing at the basheria market, Nina felt that it was a banquet just hearing by her.

It's beautiful!

Nina had learned not to think too much about the future. She knew that it was useless to think too much about it. She decided to let nature take its course.

In London, Allen's face was a little red and he was squinting on the rocking chair.

"Does that guy plan to come back?" He asked the bodyguard loudly.

"I don't think so. Besides, young master seems to like living in the countryside a lot." The bodyguard cautiously answered.

He is the eldest son of the Hua family. His snack and clothes are the best in the world. Could he live a poor life? "

As far as he knew about his grandson, he had been spending as much money as he could ever since he was a child. That was why he had frozen all the bank cards of Mr. Howard, in order to force himself to come back.

Therefore, he would not allow anyone to give Howard any chance to work!

He knew it clearly that it was unimaginable that the Hua family's tycoon without Howard!

"As far a

But he couldn't tell this to Max. If she knew that Allen was going to make trouble for him, she might surely go to London to get even with Allen.

If so, the whole thing was getting more and more uncontrollable.

"Honey, I can't hold it anymore? How long has it been? Why don't you let me touch you? I feel like I'm going to die. " Said Ethan sadly.

"It's easy to solve this problem. Do you want to try my ability?" Max waved her hands and tried to grasp the special thing under Ethan.

Then he turned around and ran outside, "honey, save your energy. I have something to deal with in my company. Just stay at home."

Ethan was really afraid that Max would be involved in this matter. There was no privacy between a couple. Since Max was pregnant, it was natural that she would take care of the baby.

But one night, Ethan was too bored to keep groaning in his sleep. "Don't worry. There is no way that Max would stab you," Max said and climbed up on top of him.

It was the first time that Max had realized that sometimes it was difficult to judge a man's needs with reason and reason, so she took Ethan down and tortured him.

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