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   Chapter 170 the unexpected situation

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Before Max could finish her sentence, Ethan interrupted and impatiently led her to the countryside.

What she didn't expect was that Nina and Howard would be reduced to sell vegetables. When they saw the door was locked, they thought the two had gone on a tour.

Listening to music in the car, Max and Ethan were waiting for Howard and Nina.

But just as Nina and Howard saw the car, Ethan poked Max and said, "honey, look, is that man Mr. Howard?"

As far as he could remember, Howard was a neat freak, and had never seen any mud on his body.

Max opened her eyes, took off her earphone and said, "Damn it! Did they just fish in the river?"

Max opened the door and got out of the car, then walked towards Howard with a sullen face.

Howard straightened his back and looked coldly at the walking-towards Max.

"Hi, Max. What brings you here?"

Max just snorted, ignoring what Nina said. She stood in front of Howard and said, "well, we haven't seen each other for a few days Mr. Howard's face has become much more handsome now. Do you have a plastic surgery? Huh You must know that Nina is a begger, so you look like a beggar... "

"You look like a couple? But, Mr. Howard, you are not as handsome as beggar no matter how hard you try, because you are just a fake! "

She stressed on the word "fake".

"Enough, huh?" Howard finally spoke.

"I'm just kidding? I think Mr. Howard likes messing around. Do you want to experience the life of common people like a beggar? But Mr. Howard, don't pull Nana. She is pregnant. Even if you don't care about her, I do! " Max pretended to know nothing and would not admit that Howard was beggar.

Howard looked at Ethan.

"Honey, the beggar is actually Howard. Now do you understand?"

"Oh, No. Ethan, don't fool me. Do you have any evidence to prove that Howard is beggar?" Max yelled at Ethan.

"Max, this man is indeed..." Nina was not willing to explain for Howard, but she was interrupted by Max.

"Are you an anthomaniac, Nina! Have you forgotten anything? "

"I No, I haven't. But... " Nina faltered.

Max said arrogantly.

Howard smiled, with a hint of understatement. Nina was a gentle person, while Max had always been unkind.

"Max, then how can you prove that I'm not beggar?"

"Because your name is Howard, not beggar. It's so simple. Don't you understand?" Max mocked.

With these words, Howard reached out and held Nina in his arms, saying, "Max, don't you think that the baby in her belly is the best proof?"

"Haha Howard, what could Nana's baby say? oh I see. It proves that you rape Nana when the beggar is not home. This is a crime. Guess what will happen if Nana sue you? "

Howard's handsome face darkened with anger, while Max was still making trouble out of nothing.

"Okay, you can give it a try, but it's still the result that I'm the father of the baby. No one

ning! "

Max was referring to Nina's rejection of more than two hundred times to Howard's proposal.

"No. I didn't know much about Howard before."

Max smiled and said, "in fact, I also like handsome men. If Ethan really want to wear the ugly face of Howard, I think I have to think about it."

"Don't you always focus on money? Why did you change now? "

"It's easier for people to be lost when they really want to own too much money, hehe..." Max shook his head and thought, 'in the past, I wanted to find a rich man so that I don't need to go to work. Now I have to stay at home and be a full-time rich lady. Sometimes, I feel lonely.'.

"You are just not content!" Nina complained.

At this time, Ethan walked in with Howard, and then Max changed the topic to Nina.

The meal was finished in a pleasant manner.

After they left, Howard went to the vegetable garden to pick up some fresh vegetables and put them into the trunk.

On the other hand, Ethan left all his cash to them, but, of course, he was not someone who took cash with him all the time. Fortunately, Max liked to take cash with her. There were 80 thousand cash in her handbag, so he kept all the cash.

"Boss, you can call me if you need me. I can help you withdraw your cash."

And Max said, "Mr. Howard, please treat Nana, otherwise, I'll let Nana find beggar!"

Well, until now, Max still did not admit that Howard was beggar.

Howard had thought that Nana was a stubborn woman, but it turned out that Max was not that easy to compromise.

Anyway, I can get enough money to meet the temporary difficulty of living. '.

First of all, Howard bought a fridge and then rearranged the furniture. By doing so, he could have a taste of modern family.

They were still sorting out the vegetable garden, selling the fresh vegetables to the market in exchange for some money. Gradually, both of them got used to such a life.

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