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   Chapter 169 happy in hardships

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Actually, Howard did find a job in a small company.

However, he had only worked for two days, but the boss of the small company had suffered great losses.

He received a threat letter from Allen, saying that he was bold enough to let Howard work for him. If he continued to be bold, he would go bankrupt.

It was not until then that the small company owner realized that he had hired Howard to do this.

He angrily slapped himself two big mouth and immediately called over Mr. Howard. Being extremely careful, he told Mr. Howard what had happened.

Without hesitation, Howard left, because he knew that in order to force him to leave Nina, Grandpa could also use any method to get him back to the Hua financial tycoon.

Of course he would sacrifice this small company.

The small company owner gave Howard 1000 dollars, hoping to spend some money to buy safety. He didn't dare to offend such a great God of wealth.

Noticing the money he didn't receive it, Howard turned around and left.

I have caused trouble to him, so how can I take his money? '!

If he were in the city, it would be easy for him to find a job, and he was well-educated and capable. But it was not easy to find a job in this small village. In fact, he knew that even if he could find a job, his grandfather would not allow him to do so.

Reluctantly, he followed her to the garden.

He only earned dozens of dollars from selling two dishes.

That was also the reason why crumpled money was muddy.

The next day, when Jay finished his breakfast and lied to Nina that he wanted to go to work, Nina answered him and followed him secretly.

Seeing that Howard was walking towards the vegetable garden, Nina had already understood what had happened. But she did not go back. Instead, she followed Howard.

From afar, Nina saw that Howard headed to the well. Above the well, there was a man, who was only seen in books, over there. That should be the crying of the legends.

Dong Dong still existed!

After putting the gurney into the well, he filled the basin with water easily.

Hesitating for a while, Nina didn't know whether she should go over there.

She finally realized that the so-called "men come for dinner" sounded very romantic and pleasant, but the hardships of this were beyond her expectations.

she felt happy when she was with the beggar, because Howard was the powerful tyrant who could do everything he wanted in a city. If she didn't marry a poor beggar, then things would be different.

In an instant, Nina seemed to have realized a lot of things. In other words, the so-called happiness must be supported by money.

The scribble on Howard's face made her want to cry.

Hearing that, Nina's eyes turned red. Slowly, she walked towards him and said with a smile, "Howard, don't you know that I'm always looking forward to the work of men and women? How can you be so selfish to leave me at home and enjoy such a wonderful idyllic life on your own? "

Howard was smart enough to understand that Nina had known everything.

He shrugged his shoulders and said with self mockery, "well, I haven't learnt how to work for others yet, so I feel happy

box of milk for Nina. Nina had no other choice but to agree.

When a couple thought for each other, there was a different warmth in the heart.

It reminded Nina of a sentence she had read on wechat. A happy marriage had nothing to do with love, but as time went by, the couple entered each other's life.

Perhaps, only through hard life could one's life be more connected with one's life.

When they came back, they saw a luxurious Lamborghini parked at the gate.

"Hello, Mr. Howard. Is this your car, or Ethan's?" There were several cars of the same brand as Ethan's, so from a distance, Nina couldn't see the license plate number, so she couldn't tell whose car it was.

"Is that true?" Nina reminded him.

How could it be Bob? Even if he wanted to. Grandfather and father will not agree either!

Howard put down the cart and said, "it should be Ethan."

"It's him. How did he know we are here?" Nina asked in surprise.

Howard rubbed Nina's hair and said, "my sweetheart, have you forgotten which lady she is?"

"I see!" Nina nodded.

He was telling the truth.

Ethan sent the mother and the baby to the hospital, paid 300 thousand deposit, found the best doctor in a city to treat the child, and set a time for surgery.

Of course, Max also knew the news. After the operation of the baby was arranged well, Max found the woman.

The woman said, looking at Max sheepishly.

She clearly knew that she had a different status from these people.

"aunt, I have something to talk with you. Don't be afraid." The old lady said nervously.

The woman nodded.

"Who are you?" Max was a cunning man. She knew that Howard couldn't have such a poor friend or relative, so the woman and child that were funded by Ethan must be someone who helped her very well. She knew well about Nina.

While Howard was an experienced businessman. He was more rational than Nina.

Sure enough, under the temptation of Max, the old woman told about their village without thinking about what Howard told her.

They had been to the same village. Max never thought that Nina would hide in the hometown!

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