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   Chapter 168 the market

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Staring at the spiritless vegetable in front of him, Howard asked, "it tastes so withered. How could it be eaten?"

Although there is a refrigerator here, it is broken and cannot be used anymore.

As the saying goes, it's impossible for a good wife to make something out of nothing. Moreover, the vegetable is withered and has no ingredients. No matter how much she cooked, the food wouldn't taste good.

"Mr. Howard, you have money now, don't you?" Asked Nina.

Howard nodded. There was not much money, but it was a little.

"Let's go and see if there is a market nearby." Nina took Howard's hand and said.

The market was a strange place for Howard.

"Market?" Howard asked.

"Yes." Nina didn't forget to lock the door.

"Honey, do you know what kind of market I know? I guess it's as romantic as the sprawling market. "

"Mr. Howard, you are so otherworldly. But I like that song very much." With these words, Nina sang a song named the sprawling market.

After snorting for a while, Nina pouted and whistled. However, she didn't try to stop her.

Howard smiled noncommittally.

Nina rolled her eyes at him and said, "how dare you laugh at me?"

"Honey, do you want me to blow on your ears?"

"Can you?"

"How dare you look down upon me?"

"Come on! Just brag!"

Nina knew that Ethan would whistle, but the his style was like rascal. As for Howard, she heard him occasionally, but he only whistled once or twice and stopped.

But this time, she was so amazed by Howard that she almost fell in love with him.

"Mr. Howard, I didn't expect you to be so good at whistling!" With the completion of the piece, Nina gasped sincerely from the bottom of her heart.

"I can sing a lot of things. Do you think I can only sing two tigers? He was just coaxing our baby. Got it? " Howard said proudly.

"It's true that someone can't be praised. Once he praises, he always makes his tail look down." Nina scoffed.

At this time, Howard saw a lot of people gathering in the street.

"They?" Howard pointed with his finger.

Nina took Howard's hand and ran towards him. "Silly girl, this is the market."

Touching his forehead, the sun emperor realized that this market was far from what he had imagined.

It was full of noise and noise.

"Honey, it's too dirty here. Don't go, okay?" With these words, Nina was extremely excited.

"But this is how the market in the countryside is like! If you don't like this place, let me tell you the truth. You'd better go back and be the president of the Hua financial tycoon. Otherwise, you can't survive here. There's no big supermarket you want, no maid to serve you, and no glorious life you want! "

Shrugging, Howard answered, "I'm just not ready yet. Give me some time, okay?"

Without saying anything, Nina came to a stall where sold pork, "please cut some meat for me."

"Yes, sir!" The man carefully cut a piece of meat and wrapped it to Nina. "Please take it. It's 22 dollars in total."

Nina looked at Howard

n who dared to tease him!

With Nina in his arms, Howard directly went back home. Such a scene was rare in the countryside. Along the way, all the villagers sighed.

It seemed that overnight, people in the village knew that a pair of urban people lived in the village.

They didn't know exactly who would come.

Nina didn't want to spend too much two hundred yuan. She was afraid that Mr. Howard was under too much pressure, so she kept silent. Now she didn't dare to contact her family, and moreover, she couldn't make money because of her pregnancy, which made Nina worried.

If it was not because of money, she could really be carefree living here.

On this day, Nina was sitting in the yard to bask in the sun. Mr. Howard dashed into the room excitedly and said, "sweetheart, did I find a job?"

oh Do you also have business here? This is a small village?

"Where are you?" Although Nina was confused, she was still happy.

"I work as an accountant in a small company, with a monthly salary of two thousand."

Two thousand was too little for him. In the past, a meal was not enough, but now it was different, wasn't it?

But it was not the past. Two thousand might not be too much, but it was enough for the Howard and Nina to live.

After all, the cost of life in the countryside was relatively low.

"Honey, my boss said that if I did a good job, he would pay me the salary every five days so that we could live a peaceful and happy life!"

Nina nodded with a smile. She thought the boss of this small company didn't know Howard!

Nina thought she could wait for her baby to be born in this way.

But five days later, Howard didn't get any money back from his company.

At first, Nina thought that maybe Mr. Howard himself had taken it. But once when he went to the bathroom, Nina opened his wallet. She saw several crumpled ten yuan bills in his black wallet, and there was even a layer of mud on it.

What the hell was going on?

Was Howard lying to her again?

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