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   Chapter 167 a rat

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There were two bedrooms in the rented house, but the bed in the other bedroom was broken. Undoubtedly, they had to live in one bedroom now.

For Howard, this was the most reasonable thing.

But Nina felt a little uncomfortable.

Although Nina had obtained a marriage certificate with beggar, after all, according to the law, beggar was not equal to Howard.

Luckily, Andrea had bought a LCD TV before she came here. In this way, Nina could pay attention to the South Korean TV show she liked.

Howard knew that now the news that he retired from the business world made a sensation in the business circle!

He smiled coldly. The so-called fame and fortune couldn't compare with the peace and quiet life in the countryside.

He gracefully sat up, poured himself a cup of tea and slowly tasted it.

It was a little late in the afternoon, and the tea had a nice taste. If it was before, Howard wouldn't have noticed it. But this was not the past, he could only make do with it.

"Haha, make do with it.".

Hearing that, Howard smiled with self-mockery. It was out of his expectation that after more than twenty years of prosperity, now he used the word "make do with others".

He took a sip of the tea and found it was a bit bitter. He frowned unconsciously and put down the cup.

"Here you are." Although Nina was watching TV, she was already thinking about Howard.

Judging from the expression on his face, Howard knew that the tea was already past its sell by date.

Before cleaning the room today, Nina found that there was a bag of ice candy which hadn't been opened. It must be Andrea who bought it. It's useless.

Hearing that, Harold frowned slightly. "Well, it's ice candy. Where did you get it?"

"I don't know. I saw it when I was cleaning the house today." Nina replied absent mindedly while playing the game.

Instead of opening it, Howard put it on the table in front of him.

"Turn off the TV. It's late. Go to bed early." Howard stood up and turned off the TV.

Nina had been used to his overbearing. She pressed her lips and put down the remote control.

But she didn't move.

"Why, don't you sleep?" He stood up and began to unbutton his shirt.

"Mr. Howard, we have one bed." Nina reminded him.

Glancing at the bed, he answered, "it's a big bed. We can sleep on it."


"No more buts. I'm sleepy. If you don't sleep, you can continue to sit here." Howard took off his suit, tie and slippers before going to bed.

He lay down at the end of the bed, with his hands under his head, and his eyes closed in a foreign dress.

After struggling for a while, Nina knew that she had nowhere to go except lying on the bed on the other side of the room.

So she turned off the light and took off her coat. But inside was her underwear.

After all, it was autumn now, and the wind at night was a little cold. Nina took off the quilt and gave it to Howard, and covered herself with the other half.

The bright moonlight shone through the window, which reminde

e same people! You big liar! " Said Nina angrily.

"Honey, forgive me, okay?" Said Howard.

"Do you want me to forgive you? I'll think about it. " Nina blinked, "can you be a real beggar again?"

"Silly girl, I know you have no good idea. Do you really want me to be a beggar? "

"Of course I agree if you want!" Said Nina with a smile.

"Ha ha, that would be breaking news. Aren't you mad at Grandpa and dad? I used to be a beggar, but you didn't know I'm Howard. Now I can't! " It would be a great blow for him to leave the Hua family. If the media did catch him begging, the Hua group was really done. "You can punish me in another way."

"Okay. Please listen to me. Cook and wash for me!"

Howard was in favor of Nina's suggestion. "Okay, I'm willing to do it."

Nina sat on the sofa and said, "Howard, go and prepare the wash for the queen."

Shocked for a moment, he asked, "baby, are you going to be the empress?"

"Well, how dare you disobey my order?" Nina pulled a long face.

"Sure. I'll fetch some water for you." Then he quickly ran out of the room.

Nina stretched with delight, which made her happy to be served by Howard.

He deserved it. He cheated on her!

When Howard finished washing Nina's face, he saw her innocent look. Suddenly, he came up with a whim and wanted to braid her hair.

Nina was surprised and turned her head. "What are you doing, Mr. Howard?"

Howard combed Nina's hair carefully and said, "I'll braid your hair, okay?"

"Don't be so gentle, Mr. Howard. I can't afford it." But Nina refused. What was he going to do?

"I can't give you a grand wedding right now. It will be good to comfort myself if I comb your hair." Howard said, fiddling with Nina straight hair.

"No, thanks, Mr. Howard. You'd better think more about how to have our breakfast." Said Nina, frustrated.

Alas! She had never worried about having three meals a day!

When Nina thought so, Howard had the same thought.

It meant that they had no idea what to eat this morning.

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