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   Chapter 166 a love song

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Max thought that Howard was still lying to her this time, until she heard Nina's voice from the other end of the phone.

Max jumped with joy and said, "Nana, you're scaring me to death! I thought you were missing? Did the bastard, Howard, do something sorry for you? He doesn't admit your baby? Or did he have another woman? Just tell me. I promise I'll get even with them for you! "

Finally, Nina got a chance to speak. "Max, it's not what you think. I'm fine!"

"Then I will go to see you right away!" Max took the phone with one hand and gestured to get her clothes with the Ethan.

"Max, where are you going to find me?" Said Nina in a hurry.

"Why aren't you at home?" Max asked in surprise.

"No, she isn't."

"Shoot! Don't play with me anymore. I heard that Mr. Howard was so worried about you. Where on earth are you?"

Not wanting to tell Max about her life in the countryside, she said, "Max, you don't need to know where I am now. You just need to know that I'm fine. Howard has trouble, he just asks Ethan for help. Give him your phone." With these words, Nina gave the cell phone to Mr. Howard.

"Are you with Mr. Howard now? Alas You stupid girl! " Said Max angrily.

"Max, can you give the phone to Ethan?" Howard said in a cold voice.

"Mr. Howard, let me tell you, keep an eye on Nana. Otherwise..."

"Honey, stop it!" Then Ethan took the phone from Max and asked, "boss, what can I do for you?"

Glancing at the peasant woman, he thought for a while and said, "I won't go back to a city for the time being. Here is a patient. I give you her cell phone number and ask her to go to a city to find you. You can find the best doctor to treat her. As for the cost, you will cover it!"

"Damn it! Boss, I will pay for your patient!" Ethan complained.

Though Howard didn't have money now, he still had the imposing manner. "Well, can't I?"

"Fine. Let her do it." In the face of Howard, Ethan had no choice but to compromise.

After hanging up, Howard gave his phone number to that woman and wrote down the address. "You go and find that man. He will call a doctor to treat your child."

Tears streamed down her cheeks. the woman was so moved that she couldn't thank him enough to kneel down.

"Aunt, get up!" Nina hurried to hold her. She took out all her money and said, "woman, take the money as your road fee."

"No, no, no..." The woman refused.

"Just take it. I don't need it anyway." Nina insisted on giving the money to her.

The woman had to take the money.

"Better earlier than later. Aunt, you'd better pack up and go to A city." Said Nina.

"Yes." The woman hesitated for a moment, and then murmured, "I was just worried that after I left, there would be no one to take care of the vegetable garden at home. Could you help me?"

"No problem." Said Nina with a smile.

Nina didn't think too much. It wouldn't be too much trouble to manage a vegetable garden.

Thus, the woman set her mind at rest and took her ch

hear me?"

Then she smiled in a fit of pique and said, "honey, stop lecturing the kids. They don't understand."

"Honey, you are wrong. Don't look down upon them. They will understand what I said." Touching Nina's belly, he suddenly shouted excitedly, "the baby moved just now. I can feel it, my baby."

Nina replied shyly, "Mr. Howard, your babies are already four months old. Of course they can move."

"That's great. This must be the response from the baby. Look, they really can understand me, right?" Howard emphasized.

"Yes, I can't. I'm hungry, Mr. Howard. I'm going to cook dinner now!" Urged Nina.

"I'll do it, very soon!" He washed his hands with pleasure and poured the rest of the noodles into the bowl. Then he crushed the pumpkin cakes which had been steamed in advance. Everything was done in an orderly way.

If someone didn't know Howard's background, it could be found that he was the president of the famous Hua tycoon.

It must be hard for him, thought Nina.

Howard sat on the chair and passed the pumpkin pie to Nina. He said with a little flattery, "honey, taste the pumpkin pie I make. Do you feel better?"

Nina looked at Howard's white flour on his face and giggled, "ha ha, Howard, you look like a little kitten."

Howard raised the back of his hand and wiped her face, with more flour on his face.

Nina smiled with tears in her eyes.

"Honey, I was the great husband in the public!" Howard pointed at the turner with one hand and the other on his waist.

"Mr. Howard, since you have reduced to such a condition, do you still want to marry all the women in the world as your wife? Well, you have great ambition, don't you?" Nina was amused.

Howard put down the spatula and knelt in front of Nina, "I don't care about the women in the world. I only want you. Can you make me happy?"

Nina took up the pumpkin cakes and put them into his mouth. "I don't want you to talk nonsense. Try these pumpkin cakes. They are sweet and delicious!"

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