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   Chapter 165 a thief

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Howard and Nina trotted hand in hand.

Staring at the green dishes, Nina finally understood what Mr. Howard was going to do.

Of course he had to be a thief.

But she had never kidnapped anyone. She was a good person.

With a guilty conscience, Nina said, "Mr. Howard, are you going to steal?"

"Hush!" Howard winked at Nina, asking her to speak in a low voice, "I'm not a thief. I just want to borrow some food from others."

"We can buy them." Said Nina.

Without saying anything, Howard didn't want to make Nina worried. He didn't have much cash at present. Although he had several cards, he could predict with his toes that his grandfather had frozen all his own accounts.

Actually, he was poor now, so he wanted to save his cash.

"My silly girl, don't pretend to be lofty. It's just a order. Even if you get caught, you won't be sent to prison. Hurry up!" Howard bent down and buried herself into the dishes.

Nina stood on the side of the vegetable field. She couldn't prevent what Howard had decided.

Then she had to cooperate.

Therefore, Nina acted as a lookout for the wind.

But he was still nervous. At the sight of someone coming over, Nina hurriedly waved to Mr. Howard.

So Howard hid himself.

After Howard finally finished picking, he made a victory gesture to Nina with a smile.

Nina waved her hand and mouthed, "hurry up."

He was holding a round pumpkin in his arms.

He never forgot Nina's favorite pumpkin pies.

No matter how Nina rejected Howard, she was still deeply touched by the fact.

She trotted to him and took over his pumpkin and said, "you are so good at putting them on the table, Howard!"

Actually she didn't use the word "steal" just because she didn't want to irritate Howard.

Howard, the CEO of Hua group, should have reduced to the point of stealing vegetables. Nina felt a little sour in her heart.

Howard noticed the sadness in Nina's eyes. She was always so sensitive.

Hadn't she always said that she hated him, hated him, and even wanted to drive him away? In fact, all these were just Nina's escape and disguise. In her heart, she still loved beggar, the beggar, or in other words, she began to love Howard.

Women were always good at telling lies.

With these words, Howard leaned down and kissed on Nina's forehead. "Sweetheart, why don't you say that I can steal?"

"Well You are really... " She wanted to say, "you are such a bitch.".

But his wicked look made Nina swallow her words. He raised his eyebrows indifferently and said, "honey, don't say that I'm cheap. I'm just good at adapting myself to the new environment. I had been in an earthquake. Guess what I had eaten. "

"The worst result is to eat mice." Replied Nina.

Well, Nina thought, she really didn't know much about the story of Mr. Howard. When he was a begg

e." Nina opened the curtains and went in first.

She almost threw up because of the strong smell in the room.

A little girl lay on the bed with a big red tumor on her back.

Nina covered her mouth immediately, but she still choked on the smell.

Howard took Nina out of the room.

The woman followed them out in fear. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have brought you here."

"Nothing." Nina escaped from his arms and pleaded, "Mr. Howard, we should help her."

Nina knew that Mr. Howard had a wide range of contacts, so it should be no problem for him to help the sick child.

"Where is your husband?" Howard asked.

She shook her head.

Nina and Howard understood what she meant, but the woman's husband was gone.

"The child hasn't been treated, right?" Howard asked again.

"I have no money." The woman answered him obediently.

No money? Hearing these words, Nina's heart trembled. If she hadn't met such a poor person today, she would never have believed that.

But today, facing the reality, Nina felt a little difficult to accept.

"All right." Without any hesitation, Howard took out his phone and dialed Ethan's number.

As soon as Ethan's cell phone rang, Max immediately answered it. She had been waiting for the call since yesterday, and she was waiting for the result that Howard might find out about Nina.

"Mr. Howard, you bastard. Have you found Nana?" "Mr. Howard, what's wrong?".

"Max, I'm with Nana now. Would you please hand the phone to Ethan?" Howard knew that Max had a hot temper. Moreover, in her heart, Howard was a bad person, so even though he was scolded by Max, he just frowned, but did not get angry.

"You play dirty tricks and fool Nana! I don't believe you at all. Hurry up! Give the phone to Nana and let her talk to me!" In Max's mind, Howard was not only a bad person, but also a big liar that deserved to be cut into pieces!

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