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   Chapter 164 a huge cloud of dust

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"Honey, you did it on purpose, didn't you? I am a beggar. Look, here is another one... " Touching his face, nose, eyes

"Are you a beggar?"

Nina pretended to look at Howard's handsome face very seriously. Yes, it was the perfect face of beggar. She had missed it for countless times.

The same face as before, but what had changed.

"Name!" Nina slowly left Howard's arms and said, "it's not you who marry beggar. Even if we go to the Civil Affairs Bureau now, no one will believe that you are a beggar."

"Oh, honey, that's easy. Let's repeat it again, okay?" Howard hesitated for a while and said, "it's just that I can't give you a big wedding now. But I promise that I will hold a great wedding for you in the future. What do you think?"

Howard owed Nina so much that she had no money to give her a grand wedding, but he could promise her in the near future.

"Mr. Howard, why don't you understand? I can't fall in love with you. Even if you have removed your mask now, in my heart, no one could replace the beggar before, neither could you, Mr. Howard! " Nina couldn't make up her mind whether she would accept mark or not. She just didn't want Howard to fall out with his family. She didn't want him to be kicked out of the house.

Hearing that, Howard had no choice but to flick his hair back. He knew that Nina wouldn't accept it.

He also believed that as long as he loved Nina, everything would be fine.

Whether he was a beggar or Howard, Nina would accept it.

"Honey, I know you can't accept me now. But I will give you time. Time will tell you to accept me! Love me! "

Nina shook her head and said, "no, No. It's impossible for me to fall in love with you. You'd better give up."

"Don't say such heartless words, okay?" Howard reached out and tried to hold Nina in his arms.

Nina dodged it and hit the broom again. "I'm going to clean the yard. Hide yourself a little, Howard."

Then she waved the broom, and the garden immediately became dusty.

Nina intentionally swept the dust towards Howard. He walked to one side, and Nina stubbornly swept at him again.

"Ahem!" Being forced to the corner by Nina, Howard had no way back.

"Honey, I've been kicked out of the house. Are you sure you want to kick me out as well?" What a miserable life it was! The president of the Hua group used to be very powerful, but now he was abandoned.

So she directly hit him with the broom and said, "Mr. Howard, I just want to kick you out. Don't stay here. You don't want to see me at all. Get out!"

"Honey, I don't have a place to go now. Are you really going to drive me away?" Hearing that, Howard frowned. He didn't believe that Nina was so heartless.

"Mr. Howard, I..." Nina felt bad for Howard as she wanted to drive him away.

Sitting down on the ground, Howard said, "you can also throw me out, as long as you can drag me out!"

"What a rogue y

Nina took it over. The cool and refreshing feeling made her frown.

"Are you a little cold?" Howard asked with concern.

"It's okay." Replied Nina.

"Honey, listen to me. It's autumn now, and you're pregnant. Cold water is bad for your stomach and intestines." Howard reached out and took the water in Nina's hand.

"Mr. Howard, you're so long winded!" Nina said impatiently.

"Wait a minute. Is that okay?" Howard took a large bag of mineral water and walked into the room. Then he took out the electric kettle, washed it and poured the water into it.

he turned on the gas stove and put it on.

Nina sat down with a little ponytail and saw that Mr. Howard was busy with work.

"Remember not to drink cold water in the future. And take good care of yourself. Don't let me feel sorry for our children." Said Howard as he kept busy with his work.

Nina took the food bought by Howard, just some bread and others.

She was indeed a little hungry, so she completely ignored her Howard's nagging. She opened the bread and gobbled it down.

When she opened the second bag and was about to eat, her hand was grabbed by Howard again. "These things can only be regarded as snacks, and there is no nutrition. So, you should eat more food and be healthy, understand?"

Then she said, "Howard, there's no food here. Without buns, no vegetables or meat. Why don't you let me have bread? Do you want me to starve to death?"

Hearing that, Howard frowned. Nina's every word made his heart ache.

But Nina was telling the truth. They didn't have anything now. If he could not get enough nutrition, he would not be able to even eat well.

However, it would not become a tough problem for the powerful Howard. he came up with an idea quickly.

He took the fire away, grabbed a bag, grabbed Nina's hand and walked out.

"Where are we going?" Nina asked in confusion.

"No, follow me!" Howard said mysteriously.

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