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   Chapter 163 the biggest asshole in the world

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"Alas! What a mistake!" Andrea had always been calm when something happened, but today she was really helpless. She knew that she couldn't stop Howard. To be honest, Nina was now pregnant with his child. If Howard really gave up his child for the Hua tycoon, Andrea would also be uneasy.

"Stop crying? You bastard son. Aren't you spoiling him? Now, I'm done. Let's go Let's go... " He was both angry and frustrated.

Without another word, Howard lit a cigarette and made a call to Ethan.

"Is Nana at your home?"

"Are you kidding, boss? How could Nana be at my home? "

"She's not here?" He looked even more worried.

"Why do I have to lie to you?" "What's wrong on earth? Did Nana run away because of you? "

Howard didn't answer. He didn't want to be laughed at by Ethan, saying that he didn't even look at his wife. So he said, "don't you always want to be the president of Hua financial tycoon. Now I will give you a chance. You can fight for it. "

Looking at his cellphone in a daze, he mumbled to himself, "Howard, what's wrong with you? I don't feel like I'm speaking on the earth."

"I guess you can hardly find me on the earth." Dropping the surprising words, Howard drew back the line.

"Damn it!" Ethan scolded in embarrassment.

Until now, he still didn't know if there was anything wrong with his head. His mind seemed to have been slammed into a big bag of paste.

With one hand in the pocket, Howard leaned against a tree and smoked all the cigarette. He didn't know where Nina was?

She was a smart woman. If she didn't want him to find her, she would never go back to her parents' home.

While Howard was worrying about Nina, Max called.

She didn't pay much attention to the phone call with Howard just now, but after the call ended, Ethan whined like a lunatic.

"What's wrong with Howard? he even asked me to be the CEO of the Hua financial tycoon. Haha..."

Max, who was reading a novel, cast a disdainful glance at Ethan and said, "what's so beautiful? I was just kidding. Can't you tell that? "

"Honey, can you help me analyze it? Is Howard insane? He said he doesn't need to be the president of Hua group, and then asked whether Nana is at our house..."

Max dazed for a second and then said, "wait Ethan, what did you say? "

He didn't know what he had said wrong. "I Did you say anything wrong? "

Hearing that, Max pulled up the book in her hand, and smashed it on the head of Ethan, "what did you say just now? Whether Nana is at our home or not?"

"I've told him, she's not at our home!" Ethan hurriedly put his hands over his head.

"I don't think Mr. Howard is crazy. You are insane!" Max added, gritting her teeth

Then she made a call to Mr. Howard in a hurry.

"Mr. Howard, is Nana missing?" Max cut to t

Carlos had passed away, so she guessed that the presence of Howard must take her away.

"Honey, what's wrong?" Howard took the broom gently, turned around and held Nina in his arms.

"Please let me go, Mr. Howard. After I give birth to the baby, I will take the responsibility for your father and I will accept any legal sanction!" Begged Nina with tearful eyes.

"legal sanction?" Hearing that, Howard was astonished and asked, "honey, what did you do?"

"Your father..." Nina blinked her eyes and thought, 'is he still alive?'?

But judging from the expression on Howard's face, she thought it might not be as bad as she thought.

Howard smiled in anger. He pinched Nina's face lovingly and said, "honey, my father just had a heart attack. Now he has been rescued, and there is nothing serious with his body."

Nina was so happy that she jumped up and kissed him hard on his face. "That's good. I thought I owe your father one life! Ah, I can safely give birth to my baby! "

"You little fool." With Nina's face on his chest, Howard continued, "of course, I won't allow anyone to hurt you. I'll be with you forever, every day in the next life."

Hearing such touching words, even Howard was moved. Nina suddenly raised her head and asked in surprise, "Mr. Howard, why are you here?"

He touched his chin speechlessly, "honey, I'm the father of your babies. Why should I come here?"

"Humph, my babies' father is beggar, not you, Howard. You'd better go back to be the president of Hua financial tycoon. I don't want to live with you. This is where I lived with beggar, and it has nothing to do with you! " Nina said this on purpose to take revenge on Howard. After all, he lied to her so much! The other reason was that she didn't want Howard to stay for her and their baby. After all, there were more people in the Hua group who needed him.

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