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   Chapter 162 throw the party to an end

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"Miss Nina, please don't think in that way." Bob was afraid that Nina would take things too hard. If something happened to her, he would be the one to be blamed.

Nina sat into the car numbly, regretting her impulse. If she had not been so impulsive, perhaps Carlos would not have suffered from an illness.

She covered her forehead with her hands and said to Bob, "take me to the hospital, Bob."

"Miss Nina, his lordship will be fine. I think we'd better go back." Bob persuaded.

"Bob, please. Please take me to the hospital. It was all my fault that uncle had a heart attack. I have to say sorry to him. I beg you!" Nina cried.

Having no choice, Bob turned the car around and headed for the hospital.

Bob was well aware that Carlos had a set of hospitals and doctors.

When Nina and Bob arrived at the hospital, Carlos was still in the emergency room.

When the two bodyguards of Carlos saw her, they immediately rushed to her with hatred.

"Both of you, move aside. She is young master's woman." Bob stepped forward to stand between them

Two bodyguards stood aside angrily.

Bob helped Nina sit down on the chair. With her eyes closed, she prayed in her mind, 'God bless him!'.

"Bob, call Andrea and Howard and tell them about what happened to uncle in the hospital." Said Nina.

"Okay." Bob called Andrea.

However, Andrea didn't bring her cell phone with her.

As a result, Bob called Howard again, only to find that his phone was turned off.

"Miss Nina, I couldn't get in touch with Mr. Howard by phone." Bob explained helplessly.

Nina became anxious. None of the people present was Carlos' family?

"Bob, Mrs. Andrea has gone to the supermarket to buy some vegetables. Can you pick her up?" Nina looked at Bob pleadingly.

"All right." "Take good care of Miss Nina. I'm going to pick up Mrs. Andrea," he said

The two bodyguards responded at once. They respected Bob a lot.

After a while, a nurse ran out from the emergency room. She shouted anxiously, "who is Carlos's family?"

Nina and the two bodyguards looked at each other.

None of the three men answered. They asked in one voice, "what's wrong?"

Nina's heart was pounding.

"he has a sudden cardiac arrest and is receiving emergency treatment. His condition is not optimistic. I hope his family can be mentally prepared!" After saying that, the nurse went back to the emergency room.

Nina slumped into the waiting chair, and she was scared silly!

"You're a jinx. If anything happens to his lordship, we will kill you!" Shouted the bodyguards of Carlos. One of them grabbed the collar of Nina's skirt and shouted, "are you really Mr. Howard's woman? If she is really Mr. Howard's woman, how could we not see her before? You are such a bitch! "

Nina shook her head in pain. "I have never said that I'm your master's woman. They all said that, and it has nothing to do with me!"

"What if his lordship can't be rescued today? Do you still think it has nothing to do with you? " The other bodyguard harshly interrogated.

Nina couldn't answer.

"No more excuses? Humph! If Mrs. Andrea and Mr. Howard know you have infuriated him, do you think she will still like you? Mr. Howard will love you? No way! "

The t

You'd better save your strength and stay away from that woman..." Said Carlos.

Howard slowly turned around. There was no expression on her face and her voice was cold. "Don't you know that I'm no longer the president of the Hua financial tycoon? I have been expelled from the house by my grandfather. Very well, I don't want to be the descendant of the Hua family any more. " Hearing this, Howard shrugged and smiled, "are you satisfied now?"

Howard gently took away Carlos' hand.

Carlos tried to struggle, but failed.

"You, stop!" In a towering rage, he roared, "Mr. Howard, listen up! If you go to find Nina, you will be forbidden to enter the Hua family again!"

Meanwhile, Howard didn't look back because of the threat of Carlos, or in other words, he didn't think about turning back when he removed the CEO identity of Hua group.

The only regret was that he didn't expect his father to be so heartless and follow his grandfather's will.

"Okay." He answered without any emotion.

"Okay, okay..." Carlos trembled with anger. "You are so ambitious, aren't you? I tell you, you can get nothing from the Hua group if you leave... "

But Mr. Howard didn't stop. In a panic, he shouted, "Mr. Howard, I won't allow you to take away a penny belonging to the Hua family, including the car!"

In Carlos's mind, if there was no money or car, it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack for her in the sea of people.

His words did not work on Howard. On the contrary, Howard walked more firmly.

"You bastard, you will regret! Your grandfather is right. All the women in this world love money. When you have nothing, do you think any woman will love you? It's impossible, Howard. If you are really a beggar, Nina will not be with you, you idiot! " Carlos scolded him without thinking.

Howard had always disobeyed his will since his childhood, but he had never been so desperate like today.

He even abandoned Hua group and his family because of Nina?

Finally, he turned around, looked at Carlos calmly and said, "Mr. Carlos, haven't you heard that Nina loves beggar?"

With that, he looked at Carlos' angry face as he walked out.

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